What’s your competitive advantage as a personal trainer?

In the crowded personal trainer market you need to stand out from your rivals – you need a competitive advantage. You probably already have one, but if you’re not utilising it, you won’t be making use of your full potential.
Competitive advantage comes in many forms but could be something as simple as the following:

  •  – Previous experience
  •  – Knowledge
  •  – Ability to communicate easily with people and build rapport
  •  – Niche market services
  •  – Coaching ability
  •  – Work ethic and unrivalled passion
  •  – Network of contacts

Find out what your competitive advantage is by making a list of all your strengths. Include personal and business attributes, anything that you might do better than your competition. This will make it easy to recognise where you stand out so you can use it to full benefit.

As well as building on what you already have, you can actively develop areas such as continuous development and marketing to make your competitive advantage go that extra mile.
Continuous learning and development will keep you up to date with everything happening in the fitness industry. By constantly reading magazines, books, blogs and following social profiles, you’ll know what’s hot, what’s not and where you can exploit the market to promote your personal training business. Fitness trends are a fantastic area to keep on top of as everyone wants to get involved with the latest craze. Be proactive; if trampoline workouts are becoming the next big thing and fit in with your customer audience, why not start up a new class or incorporate it into your existing sessions. As well keeping your existing customers interested it will also appeal to new customers.

Marketing your business is a huge part of trouncing your competition. You need to get people interested in you and your business, so use personal training testimonials and client success stories (with their permission) to show off your capabilities. People will be able to relate to this kind of marketing and so it is a brilliant way of demonstrating your passion and knowledge to prospective clients. Inspiring positivity and motivation in people will encourage them not only to get exercising, but to train with you. Get your message out across your website, social media and word of mouth to generate a buzz around your business and steal away customers from your competition.

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