Which Pet Business should you start?

Thinking about branching out into the pet service industry and becoming a dog walker, pet sitter, groomer or even a trainer? We’ve put together the key points for running a number of pet businesses so you can decide which one is perfect for you!

Dog Walking

  • Outdoor work – you will be based outside for the majority of your time meaning you’ll need to be prepared for any weather come wind, rain, sleet or snow – those dogs still need walking!
  • Physically demanding – If doing more than one dog walk a day you could be covering miles so make sure you are physically prepared – although this will save you buying a gym membership!
  • Low Start-up Investment and Overheads – as you will be working outside there is no real need to have an office or any inside space – this means your start-up costs and overheads are minimal to non-existent!
  • High demand – there will always be a demand for those to walk their pooches while they are at work and this is only set to increase with pet ownership on the rise coupled with longer working hours.

Pet Sitting

  • Care-giving – often pet sitters go to pet owners houses for just an hour at a time to give their pet some company while at work so therefore you must be dedicated to making the most out of that time with them.
  • May need space – If pets are going to be coming to you to be looked after you may need to invest in extra space to house them. And if you are going to have them in your home you need to make sure it is completely pet proof so they are unable to hurt themselves or run away!
  • Low overheads and start up costs – Most pet sitters travel to the pet owners home or have the pets in their own and therefore there is no need to purchase expensive business space as long as your home is pet proof!
  • Need to be able to travel – Often customers will need you to visit their home particularly if they have cats or puppies and therefore you will need to be able to travel to your customers.

Pet Grooming

  • Qualifications – if you are planning on running a pet grooming service you will need to attend a course or employ those who have a qualification. There are many course out there which can be found via a simple google search just be sure to do your research first as to which provider is the best and which is the best course for your activities.
  • Over heads and start up costs – You will need to have a bit of capital to start a pet grooming business. You will need to have a commercial property to use as well as purchasing any necessary equipment. There will also be overheads associated with running the business such as water, electricity, insurance and replacement of equipment.

Dog Training

  • Qualifications – often you will need some sort of qualifications in dog behaviour to help understand how to train puppies and dogs.
  • No need for business premises – often dog trainers work in the client’s home, parks or rented premises such as local village halls or schools so there is no need to purchase business premises and therefore no attached overheads.

There are plenty more pet businesses which you could also consider. Be sure to do your research and fully understand what each one entails to be sure it is right for you. Often people leave their office 9-5 jobs to pursue careers in the pet care industry so you want to be able to enjoy what you do!

Once you are ready to go, all that is left to do is get insured. Our Pet Business Insurance can cover 14 different activities under one policy, so get a quote today!

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