Which Social Media Is Right For Your Business?

Social media is a great way to advertise and connect with your customers. However, with so many to choose from, how do you pick which ones are the best for your business? We’ve taken a look at some of the most popular social media of the moment to help you decide which ones to focus on.

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Facebook has lots of great attributes making it perfect for any business to use. Creating a company page means your customers have somewhere to go to keep in contact with you. You can post regular updates, news and offers on here and this will be seen automatically by your customer base.

We cannot go a day without scrolling through our Facebook and seeing a huge array of videos covering multiple topics. There is a reason for this; video drives the highest engagement of any content on Facebook. With attention spans shortening, just 1.2 seconds will determine if a person will continue watching. For that reason it’s important to make sure you create some great engaging content for your customers. Facebook also places more emphasis on video and will share this content further than posts, images or links so it is worth investing in this.

Facebook is particularly good for local advertising. At a small cost, as a sports business or pet business, you can target people in your area with adverts on their homepage meaning you can get right in front of your ideal target audience.


Twitter is more conversational and instant and another great way to make your business easily accessible to your customers. You can used it to give your customers another touch point and method of communication so is perfect for improving your customer service.

With only 140 characters however, you need to be short, sweet and straight to the point!


Instagram is purely images! This is a great way to portray your business and show off what you can do.

Whether you are a PT and putting up pictures of you training a client or a pet business showing images of your happily walked four legged friends, people want to see exactly what your business does! Showing others happy with your service is also going to greatly encourage others to purchase from you so make sure you keep it up to date showing off your recent work!

Instagram is also owned by Facebook meaning any advertising you do on there will also be shown in people’s Instagram feed which can sometimes be even more attention grabbing.


Snapchat has grown immensely in popularity in recent years with more and more businesses using it to their advantage. Whether snapping the dogs you are looking after for their owners to see or showing off a workout programme you are giving a client, it is a great way to engage your audience and customer base, providing another platform to show off what you and your business can do.


LinkedIn is a professional social media platform connecting businesses and professionals within industries. Therefore, it is a great way to get your business seen by other businesses and industry professionals. Although it may not win you customers, it will help to get your brand out into the industry.