Who needs Public Liability Insurance?

July 25, 2022

Who needs Public Liability Insurance? If you run any kind of business, you will need this type of insurance cover – it could save you a small fortune. And as we’ll see, some companies could benefit from the protection of Public Liability Insurance more than others.

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If you are in any business, you run the risk of a customer, suppliers, or even a passing member of the public suffering an injury or having their property damaged and holding you and your business liable.

To provide indemnity, effectively, protection against your potential financial losses in meeting any such claim, Public Liability Insurance is at the heart of a number of our business insurance packages – including our Pet Business Insurance, Event Cancellation Insurance and Personal Trainer Insurance.

Is Public Liability Insurance a legal requirement?

Although it offers sound financial protection against the potential losses to your business from claims of liability, Public Liability Insurance (PLI) is not a legal requirement.

Nevertheless, by arranging this cover – which is almost certain to have been put in place by other reputable businesses in similar enterprises to your own – you may be demonstrating just how seriously you take your mission and the customers you serve.

When is Public Liability Insurance required?

Public Liability Insurance is designed to protect you and your business against claims for injuries or property damage suffered by any third party.

Give it just a moment or two’s thought, and you may realise that these are risks which could be faced by just about any business, however large or small, in whatever area of activity.

What types of businesses need PLI?

In some businesses, you may face those risks more frequently than others – despite all the reasonable precautions you have taken to avoid them.

If you run a pet business, a customer might claim that they suffered an injury when one of the animals in your care bit or scratched them, for example.

If you are in the business of organising events, there are all manner of occasions. Such as when one of the guests or participants suffers an injury or has their property damaged and holds you responsible.

If you are a personal trainer, one or more of your exercise routines might have left a client with injuries for which they hold you liable.

Do I need Public Liability Insurance for a private party or a wedding?

You might be surprised by the extensive range of situations in which you can be held responsible for another person suffering an injury or having their property damaged – and, if you are held liable, of course, you may be ordered to pay substantial compensation.

Even if you have organised a private party – or a function such as a wedding reception – simply by taking on that role of organiser, you also assume responsibility for taking reasonable care that none of your guests is injured. If they are, they may claim damages from you – and PLI needs to be there to indemnify you against such claims.

What happens if I don't take out Public Liability Insurance?

If you have not taken out PLI, you may still be held liable if someone is injured or has their property damaged – you may still be ordered to pay the appropriate amount of compensation.

Of course, without any Public Liability Insurance, you must meet the compensation costs from your own pocket and without the indemnity offered by PLI.


Your liability for injuries sustained by third parties or damage to their property can prove extremely expensive if you are ordered to pay compensation for their losses.

Although public liability risks may be more significant in some enterprises than others, you are likely to need the protection of PLI whatever your line of business – indeed, you may even find it necessary when organising a private function, party, or wedding reception; running a pet business; or being a personal trainer.

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