What does wedding insurance cover?

We accept that insurance can sometimes be confusing. However, thinking about why you need to take out wedding insurance shouldn’t be a tricky decision.

After all, your wedding day will be the biggest day of your life, first of all emotionally and secondly financially. Everyone wants their big day to go smoothly, but with a large number of aspects coming together for the event, things can and do go wrong.

Taking out even the most basic wedding insurance policy will provide you with the peace of mind you deserve as you and your partner plan your wedding day.

What does wedding insurance cover?

There are dozens of different aspects to the average wedding day and each one has the potential to put a dampener on your day.

Cancelling or rearranging

Having both you, your husband or wife-to-be, and your family present is undoubtedly the main necessity for any wedding. But with most people planning their ceremony months or years in advance, a lot can happen in the meantime. Serious illness, accidents or worse may deem it necessary to cancel or reschedule your wedding. With an insurance policy in place, you are likely to be covered for the irretrievable costs that you have already shelled out.

Damage to your wedding dress or suits

Whether the bride opts for a princess dress or something more fitted, ensuring the precious dress is protected is going to be vital. A damaged frock close to the big day will surely put even the calmest bride in a tizz. Thankfully with insurance, you can rest assured that if something happened to the dress or the ceremonial attire of a member of the bridal party, the costs to replace them will be covered.

Wedding Dress


Failure of your suppliers

From photographers to florists to DJs, you rely on a lot of people on your wedding day. And if just one of those professionals you hire the services of let you down, it can be both worrying and frustrating in equal measure. Insurance will mean that if they were to pull out close to the event or not turn up, you are covered. The costs to book a last-minute replacement would be handled by your policy.

Damage to other items

Items such as the rings, flowers, gifts to your attendants and the traditional cake can also be protected under an insurance policy. If any of these were stolen or damaged within a week of the wedding our policy you could claim up to the value chosen on your policy to cover the costs of replacing them.

Wedding Cake
Public liability

Although not as sentimental as the dress or the rings, protecting yourselves is important too. In fact, many wedding venues will insist that you and any third-parties you have providing a service at your wedding have suitable Public Liability cover. If you were to cause damage to property belonging to a third party such as the venue or the DJ, you could be sued for damages. Having this cover in place ensures that if something like this occurred you’d be protected against the financial implications.

Wedding Insurance Public Liability

When to buy your wedding insurance?

A similarly straightforward question to answer as ‘Why do you need wedding insurance?’ is ‘When do I buy it?‘. In short, as soon as you start booking venues or suppliers or purchasing dresses or rings, you should consider insurance.

By buying early you give yourself maximum protection should the worst happen. If you purchase your insurance after something occurs that is likely to cause disruption to your wedding day, it’s unlikely it will be covered should those events unfold.

Purchase as soon as you beginning solidifying your plans and you can get full use out of your Wedding Insurance policy.