Women’s Fitness Trends Winter 2015

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There are so many ways for women to keep fit from traditional swimming to spinning, but what are going to be the key trends in women’s fitness for the rest of the year?

In January 2015 The Independent predicted that this year would see a key trend towards equipment free exercise, building on campaigns to make exercise more accessible. So, there was expected to be an increase in circuit training, lunges, squats and yoga.

This has been true for this year as many of us look for exercise that can fit into any schedule as we become increasingly time starved with long working hours. From 15 minute workouts to fitness trackers through apps or wrist bands as a way of monitoring our exercise vs calories consumed, everything is designed to make exercise easier and more accessible. There has also been a trend towards more ‘Training with a purpose’ as predicted by Women’s Health in December 2014. Many of us are taking up challenges either in the name of sport, simply making an achievement or raising money for charity all whilst keeping fit.

But, what will the rest of 2015 bring for women’s sport?

One of the exercise trends that has been popular so far in 2015 is High Intensity Interval Training (HiiT). This is an enhanced form of interval training considered a superior way of burning more calories and fat. This trend of short bursts of exercise to get maximum benefits which can fit into any busy schedule is expected to grow.

As is the use of technology to aid, inform and monitor exercise. And this trend has given rise to virtual personal trainers. With 24/7 access to exercise plans, health and nutrition advice and at a fraction of the cost of a traditional personal trainer this provides a great way to workout in your own time.
Another trend is rebounding, where you can exercise on a trampette (a small trampoline) doing small, controlled bounces (so no gymnastics required!) without putting too much pressure on any particular joints. This makes it a great form of exercise no matter what your fitness level and it’s great for anyone recovering from an injury to rebuild strength. NASA have described it as “the most efficient and effective exercise yet devised by man” (source: Weightlossresources.co.uk)

But trampolining is not the only sport which has been ‘rebranded’. Yoga is also being reinvented through ‘anti-gravity yoga’ involving a specially designed hammock which means that a session takes place completely off the ground. ‘Hot’ or ‘Bikram’ Yoga is also making an appearance endorsed by many celebrities which is essentially yoga performed under hot and steamy conditions to increase the intensity. As always yoga is as much about the mind as the body providing the participant with an opportunity to reduce stress at the same time!

So, the trends for the rest of the year for women’s sports look to be a continuation of exercise that fits in with your schedule, focuses on what you are looking to achieve as well as some old favourite sports ‘rebranded’ enabling you to tailor your fitness programme to meet your own needs.

So why not embrace some of these fitness trends this autumn/winter to find the right exercise to fit into your life rather than the other way round?