Top Tips for Work-Life Balance for Business Owners

As a business owner often your work is your life. However, research shows that those with a good work and social life balance are often more productive and their businesses more successful. In the early stages of setting up a business there often isn’t a lot of time for holidays or social activities however once your business is established it is important to take time for yourself which in turn will often make your time at work more beneficial. We’ve put together our top tips for business owners to help to maintain a work-life balance.

1. Schedule Down Time

It’s all too easy to get caught up in work and get carried away whilst working. Therefore, a great trick is scheduling your down time to your calendar. This appears like any other meeting or appointment so you and others know you are not available for work. This could be as simple as scheduling in a proper lunch hour or stopping work at 5pm to have dinner with family. Having it in your calendar and written down will also make it less likely for you to ignore and get tied up in work matters.

2. Embrace Your Time Off

Now when we say schedule in down time, we don’t mean stop working but continue to check your emails. This time is strictly NON-WORK meaning phones, laptops, or anything related to working remains either switched off or away and your focus is entirely on what you are doing and not thinking about what is going on in the business! Your mind will be thankful for the time off to think about something else other than work.

3. Pace Yourself

Don’t take on too much at once – it’d hard work building a successful business but you don’t want to burn yourself out too early. Make sure you have enough time to fit everything in, from fitting in your clients, to organising accounts to planning sessions as well as fitting in time to eat, sleep and socialise!

4. Organise and Prioritise

Every great business owner learns the skill of prioritising. This means understanding what has to be done NOW and what can wait. This goes hand in hand with organisation. Having everything you need to do planned out means you are not likely to be in a situation where it is piled on top of you. Everything can be done in plenty of time leaving you less stressed and more time to enjoy your down time!

We know that every business is different but we encourage following our top tips to help keep you and your business happy and successful!

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