Keeping Track Of Your Pet Business Competition

Keeping track of your main pet business rivals and their marketing activities is essential to compete against them in this crowded market.

Other benefits of knowing and understanding your rivals’ tactics include:

 – Identifying new customer opportunities

 – Finding tried and tested marketing methods

 – Identifying areas for self-improvement

 – Finding out where your USP sits in the market and how you can promote it against your competition

 – Determining whether your marketing promotions are effective

How to keep tabs?

There’s a certain amount of trial and error involved with finding out how best to market your audience and what your business can provide to support all of your customers’ needs, both on and offline. Learning from what your competitors are doing and the mistakes they have made previously will save you a lot of time and money. This is a really easy way to streamline your own strategy.

Where to start?

To get started, search for phrases relevant to your business on Google. Check out all the top ranking results as well as the sponsored links. As well as visiting these websites, you could also subscribe to competitors’ email marketing. This is a great window into their pet business and will show you what type of branding they employ, what their visual identity is, and the style of the content they use. Take inspiration from their marketing materials to create something even better, attracting prospective customers to your pet business and away from your competitors.

Don't just focus on local

Getting out and about in your local area is another way to observe your business competition. Visit your local pet shops, vets and groomers and pick up as many leaflets, flyers and business cards as you can find. This is your marketing competition so you should make sure that you also cover these local areas and that your marketing materials are the best of the bunch.

Don't just focus on local

Make a note of what products and services your rivals offer, what promotions they have, prices and how they have packaged their products and services. You can use this as a basis for your own business, making yourself as competitive as possible within the market.

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