Equipment Cover Explained

Many pet businesses require at least some equipment to run their business successfully. Damage or loss of these tools of the trade can have a severe effect on business, both financially and operationally.

So whether you are a dog groomer that needs to protect your scissors or a walker that needs cover for leads – Protectivity’s Pet Business Insurance policy can help.

We cover £250 worth of the equipment you use to run your business as standard, with up to £30,000 worth of added protection available. Only simple online quote system will allow you to adjust your equipment cover limit incrementally. 

If any equipment used in your day-to-day business is damaged or lost, we will cover the costs of replacements. Take a look below for some real examples of when our customers have needed to rely on their Pet Business Insurance policies.

An Example of our Equipment Cover Claims​

One dog walker was walking one particularly mischievous pooch when they decided they wanted to chase a squirrel. The dog was on a lead and in trying to chase the rodent, managed to pull our insured and dislodged their mobile phone out of their hand. The damaged caused to the insured’s business mobile was covered by their insurance policy thankfully.

Discover what else our Pet Business Insurance includes

Public Liability

Learn how public liability insurance will protect your pet business from third party claims.

Care, Custody & Control

Provides you with protection should one of your client’s pets get injured, go missing or even die whilst in your care.

Non-Negligent Cover

If an animal in your care was to injure itself and require treatment, we will cover some of the costs.

Employers' Liability

Read why employers' liability insurance is essential if you employ paid staff or volunteers.

Key Cover

Learn why it is important to protect your business against the costly risk of losing your clients keys.

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For more information on what we can cover in our Pet Business Insurance policy, see our FAQs page