If a third party claims that you have caused them injury or damaged their property, you could find yourself and your business being sued.

With between £1 million and £10 million worth of public liability cover included with all of our Pet Business Insurance policies, the costs associated with this will be taken care of by us (excluding a £100 excess).

So for example, if a dog you were walking was to bite a member of the public and they deem it to be your fault, you could be covered. If you are deemed to be liable, we would cover the defence costs, plus all sums that you may subsequently be liable to pay as damages.

The same principle would be applied if the damage was caused to a third party’s property. Regardless of whether it was you or a dog you are walking that caused the damage if you are deemed to be blamed in some way, public liability cover will protect you

Public liability cover forms a vital part of any Pet Business Insurance policy and can save you and your business from substantial financial problems.

Examples of what Public Liability covers

Take a look at some of these claims we have received to better understand where having Public Liability cover for your business can help.

  • Whilst walking a dog, an insured lost control of a dog which preceded to run away. The dog then collided with a third party who was jogging, causing them to fall. The accident resulted in the jogger breaking their hip and subsequently sought compensation from the dog walker.

  • Another dog walker made a claim after a dog in their care attacked a third party’s dog. The injured animal required veterinary treatment which was covered by the dog walker’s Public Liability insurance.

There are a wide range of other instances whereby having the required liability cover in place can protect your business against costly legal expenses.

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