The equipment you use as a personal trainer is often majorly important to the fitness service you offer. Therefore material damage to these tools of the trade can often prove costly and irritating.

Thankfully with Protectivity’s personal trainer insurance, you are provided with £250 worth of equipment cover as standard, at no extra cost to yourself. Have more gear than that? No problem, you can increase the amount of equipment cover you have on your policy up to £30,000.

The things that are covered under this section of the policy must be used in connection with the business that is covered and owned by yourself or a member of your staff.

You will be protected from most damage to your property (apart from those stated on pages 13-14 of our policy wording) and will be covered for the costs of replacing or repairing equipment up the value that it held prior to the incident.

There are excesses to pay with any claim relating to damaged equipment, the level of which determined by the amount of cover you take out. They are as follows:

  • £18,000 – £30,000 cover: £100 excess
  • £12,000 cover: £75 excess
  • £6,000 or less cover: £50 excess

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