Personal Accident

As a personal trainer, you may be more focused on the wellbeing and actions of your client as opposed to your own. However, accidents can occur that affect and injure yourself in the workplace.

By choosing to add on personal accident cover to your insurance policy, you will be covered should you have an accident whilst undertaking your duties.

The cover means that you could be liable to make a claim of up to £50,000 should you suffer either:

  • Death, Permanent Disablement, Permanent Partial Disablement or Temporary Total Disablement
  • An injury that means you incur medical expenses

An Example of our Personal Accident Claims

One of our insured customers was demonstrating a routine workout and suffered an injury which meant she was unable to work for a number of weeks. Personal trainers normally  just take out Public Liability insurance, however they also need Personal Accident cover in case you suffer injuries while training.  As you can see, these injuries could be serious enough to keep you out of work for long periods of time. 

To be eligible for a personal accident claim, the injury must have occurred within the geographical limits of where you are covered to train. If more than one of the below instances relates to a claim, you will only be eligible to be paid the amount of the single most valuable benefit. The level of cover added in each instance depends on the exact circumstances. You can see the maximum amounts payable for each scenario in the table below:


Personal Accident Benefits


Accidental death£5,000
Loss of one limb£12,500
Loss of two limbs or more£50,000
Loss of sight (one eye)£12,500
Loss of sight (both eyes)£50,000
Loss of limb and sight£37,500
Loss of hearing (one ear)£12,500
Loss of hearing (both ears)£50,000
Loss of speech£50,000
Temporary Total Disablement (loss of income up to 52 weeks)£100 per week (after initial 14 days)
Dental expenses£250 (£25 excess)
Hospital daily benefit (up to 14 days)£25 per 24 hours (after initial 72 hours)

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