Public Liability

If a third party claims that you have caused them injury or damaged their property, you could find yourself and your business being sued. With between £1 million and £10 million worth of public liability cover included with all of our personal trainer insurance policies, the costs associated with this will be taken care of by us.

This could be especially useful if you take your sessions in a public gym. If you or your client damaged property belonging to that gym whilst carrying out your business and were held accountable, they could decide to sue you.

If you are indeed found to be liable for the damage, the public liability aspect of your policy covers you. This means that both your defence costs and any other legal damages will be taken care of by us. The same goes for injuries suffered by third parties because of your business’s actions. 

If someone were to trip over a gym mat you had placed on the floor, injured themselves and blamed you, your public liability cover would protect you. As with the equipment damage, we would take care of the costs involved in any subsequent legal case.

An Example of our Public Liability Claims

If you are training a client and they break the Cross Trainer at a gym you are working in, you could be held responsible. As a result, someone from the gym could make a claim against you. If the claim was successful, you could be required to pay compensation.

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