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What does Personal Trainer Insurance cover?

Our Personal Trainer Insurance protects qualified fitness professionals from claims that could arise due to unforeseen incidents such as an injury to a client. The policy, which protects those conducting one-on-one, group, and online classes, comes with a range of benefits including Public Liability.

Public Liability Insurance covers you should you be sued by a third party (e.g. member of the public) for injury to them or damage to their property, up to the limit you have selected.

If one of your clients suffers an injury as a result of your training guidance or fitness advice, such as asking them to exercise in a certain way, Professional Indemnity Insurance will cover you if the client decides to take legal action and sues you for the incident.

Your insurance policy can be tailored to meet your specific needs with the option to add Employers Liability, Equipment cover, Legal Expenses, Personal Accident Insurance and Overseas Extension cover. Get an instant quote online via the form below.

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Why Choose Protectivity for your PT Insurance?

Experts in Insurance

We’ve been providing insurance for the sports and leisure industry for over 30 years. Our experienced and knowledgeable team can help you build the policy that is right for you depending on your personal training services.

Flexible Payment Options

We’re pleased to be able to give you the option to pay for your insurance for fitness instructors monthly, with no added interest. Just pay a 20% deposit upfront and the remainder will be taken on a monthly basis.

Experienced Claims Handling

Things can, and do, go wrong when working out. Thankfully our specialist claims handlers are experienced in making your claims process as efficient and stress-free as possible.

Excellent Customer Support

Our UK based sales team are on hand to provide you with the support you need. We pride ourselves in providing an outstanding service. Read our independent reviews.

What's included in Personal Trainer Insurance?

Our Insurance for Personal Trainers includes the essential liability cover you need, at a great price, giving you the option to add what you need, only if its applicable. 

The policy is specifically designed for trainers and instructors conducting one-on-one, group sessions, and online classes, taking into account a range of sporting specialisms you might focus on.

Public Liability Insurance for Personal Trainers

Public Liability insurance for personal trainers covers you for claims from damages or injury to members of the public or their property.

This could include damage you and your customers cause accidentally to other people’s property whilst undertaking your activities as Personal Trainer, declared under your policy of insurance.

At Protectivity, our policy offers you Public Liability cover up to £1m (with the option to increase up to £10m) with zero excess.

Professional Indemnity Insurance

If one of your clients injures themselves during a session, and deem it to be from your negligent advice, this is where Professional Indemnity comes into play.

This cover will protect you against the cost of a claim for negligence, or a mistake if your client sues. You may have done nothing wrong, but the cost of defending yourself against these claims can be high. 

Professional Indemnity insurance for sports trainers means you are able to give advice, instruction, and tuition to your clients without worrying about any consequences. 

£500 Free Equipment Cover

The tools of the trade which you use are protected by our policy too. Up to £500 of cover is included as standard, which ensures any damage to your equipment caused by a client or third-party is covered.

Optional Personal Accident

This part of the policy protects you personally as a personal trainer. Depending on the type of injury and severity, this optional extra could reward you a benefit and even provides support should you be unable to work for a temporary period.

Why do personal trainers need insurance?

As a Personal Trainer your clients look to you for the specialist advice and motivation to help them achieve their goals. They out their trust in your experience, however sometimes things can go wrong. Personal Trainer Insurance protects qualified fitness professionals like you, against claims that could arise from risks and incidents that might occur during a working day.

You can be assured you are operating responsibly, fulfilling safety obligations to your clients and secure that you are protected from costly financial losses. Take a look at some typical incidents that might result in claims:

Cover against claims should a member of the public get injured.

If someone were to trip over a gym mat you had placed on the floor, injured themselves and blamed you or if you accidentally damage a clients’ property such as a phone, you can claim to repair or replace it.  Having public liability protects you against these incidents such as slip-and-fall accidents, injuries caused by equipment and damage to belongings during a training session.

A client suffers an injury doing an exercise you have instructed.

Whilst taking part in an exercise class, for instance, a claim may be brought against you as their personal trainer because you’ve instructed them in the exercise and consider it to be their fault. Professional Indemnity Insurance will cover legal costs and damages if a client decides to bring a claim against you for the incident.

Protect expensive business equipment.

A client may walk off with a weight you own or if you store a stock of mats, they might become damaged in storage.

Personal trainer equipment cover can avoid costly replacements in case your equipment is lost, damaged or stolen.

An employee suffers an injury in the workplace.

If you have people working for you, assisting with your coaching as a paid employee, a volunteer or a self employed labour only subcontractor, you have a legal requirement to arrange Employers’ Liability. This will provide cover for those who work for you, in case they fall ill or get injured whilst undertaking work for you.

Financial protection from workplace accidents.

If an accident results in an injury to yourself and you need to take some time off work, this scenario could be costly.

Avoid loss of earnings with personal accident cover, which can provide you with financial support if you suffer an injury or accident whilst providing your service.

A gym requires public liability for contracted PT’s.

If you are contracted by a gym or other fitness centre to provide training services. Having suitable public liability cover will likely be a minimum requirement.

Find out more in: What insurance do I need as a personal trainer?

How much does Personal Trainer Insurance cost?

Our personal trainer insurance policies start at just £55.08 for the year*. This can be paid upfront, or as 10 monthly payments of £3.86, after a deposit of £16.48.

Investing in Personal Trainer Insurance is not just about protecting you and your organisation; it’s also about having the support to focus on your clients and developing your service knowing you have everything covered.


Protectivity’s annual premium provides Public Liability and Professional Indemnity insurance up to £1m.

Should you wish to increase your cover or include personal accident or employer’s liability insurance, simply choose these options when getting a quote.

Extras covered in your personal trainer policy

Will I be covered if I train clients online?

Yes, online coaching is covered as standard with our personal trainer and coaches policy. Please note that the maximum class size is 16 people.

Am I covered to offer nutritional advice?

Yes, provided you hold a relevant qualification.

How much cover do I need in my personal trainer policy?

To determine what level of insurance is right for your personal training business, it’s important to consider the likelihood of a claim and the potential costs that may be incurred should a claim arise. If you use third-party facilities, you should check to see if they have a minimum requirement. Often local authority facilities and schools require a minimum of £5 million.

How much does personal trainer cover cost?

Personal trainer insurance policies start at just £55.08 for the year *. This annual premium provides the standard, yet comprehensive, amount of cover required. Should you wish to increase your cover we are all too happy to accommodate.

I had a very good experience when I had to make a claim. It was easy to find out how to make a claim and the way it was dealt with was professional and quick

Fantastic claims handling

We hope that none of our fitness professionals ever need to make a claim, but unfortunately it does happen and can come about because of a variety of reasons.

In the unfortunate situation that you need to make a claim, we aim to make the process as straightforward and stress-free as possible.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Am I covered for working online?

A. Yes, provided you comply with the below requirements for remote coaching/instruction (live or prerecorded):

In respect of any coaching or instruction that is undertaken remotely, it is strongly recommended that the Insured should:

1. At the commencement of the session, advise participants:

a. that by participating they are doing so at their own risk;
b. a suitable, non-slip floor space is required and any potential obstructions in the vicinity are removed before they participate;
c. to avoid activities if they have, or suspect they may have any current health concerns, injuries, aches and pains;
d. avoid the use of blades, weapons or sharp instruments of any description;
e. avoid physical contact with other participants and where appropriate, adhere to social distancing guidelines;

2. Ensure that sessions are conducted for the benefit of participants who have demonstrated sufficient suitability to participate;

a. with new clients you must ensure that;

i. you obtain a signed PAR-Q form prior to the first session
ii. you have had a pre-training consultation call

3. Continue to only instruct activities in which you are qualified to do so;

4. Record the session. Retaining the recording for a period of up to thirty-six (36) months may assist in any claim made against you

5. Maximum class size is 16

Q. Are there any restrictions on where I train?

A. As long as you are qualified there are no restrictions as to where you can take your personal training sessions or exercise classes. Be it in a gym, at home or in a local park we can provide cover for you. We do ask that the appropriate risk assessment is carried out beforehand.

Q. Can you advise me about the medical questionnaire I am meant to give to my clients?

A. Typically we would expect personal trainers to have a pre-exercise readiness questionnaire, which they will give out to all clients prior to working with them. Usually, PTs have been taught about this in their own training. We do not have a generic form that we are able to provide, although we need you to be aware of the medical condition of your clients.

Q. Can this policy cover more than one coach or trainer?

A. No, this policy is designed for one trainer. Should you need cover for more than one personal trainer or class leader, then our Sports Business policy is more suitable.

Further information on our policy

If you have any other questions regarding our insurance for personal trainers, then feel free to get in touch with our friendly team on 01494 887909. Our phone lines are open 9am to 5:30pm, Monday to Friday. 

More information on what we can cover on this policy can be found on our FAQs page.

This content has been created for general information and should not be taken as advice. Make sure you have the correct level of cover for your requirements. For full details on what is covered check our policy documentation with your quote.

*Prices refer to a quote from our website 04/12/2023. Prices will differ depending on requirements. Make sure you have the correct level of cover for your requirements. For the most accurate pricing get a quote.