What’s included?

Our policy can cover personal trainers, group exercise instructors and yoga teachers among others, with the following cover available:

See our FAQs for specialist product info.

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Our personal trainer insurance offers flexible cover with benefits like Public Liability and Professional Indemnity included as standard, protecting you from claims by members of the public and your clients.

Policies can be tailored to your specific needs, protecting you should injury or property damage occur caused by you or your clients.

In a position of authority, instructing adults or children, you can be held accountable for your client’s actions. It is important, therefore, to have adequate personal trainer insurance in place.

See our FAQs for specialist product information.

What our customers say:

“By far the easiest and quickest means of gaining PT insurance. Very competitive quote and the option of instalments too..”

Matthew – June 2017

“Very knowledgeable and helpful staff. Affordable too!”

Maricia – July 2017

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Personal trainer insurance explained

Ensuring you have the correct personal training liability insurance in place is vital. While the public liability aspect of our policy is a major part of it, it is not the only benefit.

We offer flexibility to ensure you are able to get the right level of cover for you.

What insurance do personal trainers need?

Our PT insurance policies all include the following as standard, which provides comprehensive cover to personal trainers.

Public Liability cover – Either £1m, £2m, £5m or £10m

Liability insurance for personal trainers covers them for claims, damages or injury to members of the public or their property. This could come about if you or one of your clients causes damage to the gym in which you take your sessions.

Professional Indemnity cover – level matched to that of your Public Liability

Should one of your clients injure themselves and deem it to be because of your negligence, then Professional Indemnity protects you. Any claim could be the result of a client claiming you gave bad advice or set them a task which in turn, caused them an injury.

Sports Equipment cover – £250 as standard (up to £30,000 available)

The tools of the trade which you use are protected by our policy too. Up to £250 of cover is included as standard, which ensures any damage to your equipment caused by a client or third-party is covered.

Personal Accident cover (not included as standard – optional extra)

This part of the policy protects the personal trainer themselves. Depending on the specific injury, your policy could pay out if you were to injure yourself while taking a personal training session.

How much does personal trainer insurance cost?

Protectivity’s cheapest personal trainer insurance policies start at just £51.14 for the year. This annual premium provides the standard, yet comprehensive, amount of cover required. Should you wish to increase your cover we are all too happy to accommodate.

Can payments be spread through the year?

Yes, you can. Protectivity offers flexible payment options for our personal trainer insurance product. You can pay upfront or split your payments into three, interest-free payments. Alternatively, longer-term payment options are available too.

Why chose Protectivity?

We have been providing insurance to individuals and businesses in the sports and leisure industry for over 20 years. Our personal training insurance product is one of the most comprehensive around, with a competitive price tag to match.

If you are carrying out a personal training insurance comparison to find the best deal, make sure you check out our reviews on Feefo.

What is covered?

Providing the correct insurance for a personal trainer is something we specialise in. Our policy is able to cover a wide range of activities and methods for trainers in the UK.

What activities are covered?

We cover a range of activities, covering a multitude of disciplines.

Multi-discipline activities:

Bootcamps, Circuit training, Gym Instructors, GRIT Series, Rebound Therapy

Weight-based training

Body Pump, Bodyweight Training, Insanity Training, Kettlebell, Kettlercise, TRX

Water-based activities:

Aqua Aerobics, Aqua Zumba, Aquanatal

Dance workouts:

Ballet Fit, Barrecore, Bellyfit, Body Jam, Bokwa, Booiaka, Burlesque Fit, FitSteps, Hip-Hop Fit, Hula Hoop Classes, Jazzercise, Kangoo Instructor, Latin Fit, Salsa Fit, Shbam, Zumba, Zumba Fitness, Zumba Gold, Zumba Gold Toning, Zumba Sentao, Zumba Toning, Zumbatomics

Cycling workouts:

Group Studio Cycling, RPM, Studio Cycling, Spinning

Other cardio workouts:

Aerobics, Body Attack, Body Combat (Non-contact), Bodystep, Bodyvive, Boxercise (Non-contact), CXWORX, Group Exercise Instruction

Other exercise activities:

Calisthenics, Callanetics, Chair Based Exercise, Children’s Fitness, Fitball, Massage, Pilates, Pre & post natal exercise, Pre-school fitness, Remedial Massage, Sports Massage, Tai Chi, Yoga

Can I get cover for more than one activity?

Yes, just let us know which activities you will be taking when buying your policy.

Are there restrictions on where I train?

As long as you are qualified there are no restrictions as to where you can take your personal training sessions or exercise classes. Be it in a gym, at home or in a local park we will cover you. We do ask that appropriate risk assessments are carried out beforehand.

Can you cover me to teach outside of the UK?

Yes, providing you have selected the appropriate option of either Europe or Worldwide (excluding USA). You must be a UK resident and cover is limited to 30 days during the annual period.

Am I covered to offer nutritional advice?

Yes, provided you hold a relevant qualification.

Do I need to hold a First Aid certificate?

No, it’s great if you have one, just in case a client needs first response assistance, but it’s not compulsory.

Can you advise me about the medical questionnaires I am meant to give to my clients?

Typically we would expect personal trainers to have a pre-exercise readiness questionnaire, which they give out to all of their clients. Usually, personal trainers have been taught about this in their training. We do not have a generic form that we are able to provide, although we need you to be aware of the medical condition of all your clients.

Can you cover me for instructing children?

Yes, we can cover personal trainers who instruct children. We expect trainers to have obtained a suitable qualification for teaching children.

Can my policy cover more than one coach or trainer?

No, this personal training insurance policy is designed for one trainer. Should you need cover for more than one personal trainer or class leader then our Sports Business policy is more suitable.

Making a claim

We hope that none of our personal trainers ever need to make a claim, but unfortunately it does happen. It can also come about because of a variety of different factors.

When might I need to make a claim?

Your personal trainer insurance will cover you for a variety of different scenarios including:

  • One of your clients injures themselves performing a drill you have set and they blame you for that injury. Professional Indemnity will cover you in such an instance.
  • Your client damages equipment in the gym that you take your sessions in. The Public Liability section of the policy would protect you from the costs involved should the gym sue you.
  • Your equipment is damaged by a client who fails to use it correctly. So long as the value of your equipment is covered in your policy you could be due to a full payment to cover your loss.
  • You fall and hurt yourself when demonstrating a new drill you want your client to try. The Personal Accident aspect of your policy would then cover you if you are seriously injured or are forced to miss work following the incident.
Will I have to pay an excess if I make a claim?

It depends on what the nature of your claim is. Any public liability, Professional Indemnity and most Personal Accident claims do not include an excess.

Claims regarding equipment damage or loss will be subject to an excess (between £50 and £100 depending on the level of cover taken out).

Dental expense claims are also subject to an excess of £25.

Will my equipment be replaced on a new for old basis?

Yes, provided the insured value meets the cost of the new item.

How do I make a claim?

In the unfortunate situation in that you need to make a claim then just visit our claims page for more information.