Returning to work after Coronavirus

With the outbreak of COVID-19, its fair to say that businesses certainly weren’t expecting to have to prepare office spaces for life after a global pandemic. Conference organisers and event planners suddenly found themselves claiming on their event cancellation insurance in an attempt to minimise the impact of the virus.

After months of uncertainty, businesses are now starting to reopen their offices and places of work, getting risk assessments completed and making sure everything is as safe as possible.

We’ve analysed new data that reveals how workers in a variety of industries feel about returning to work since the lockdown and the outbreak of Coronavirus. In the manufacturing industry, only 41% of workers felt that it was safe to return to work. Whereas only 22% of legal professionals feel that its safe to be getting back into the office.

Infographic displaying how workers in different industries feel about returning to work after Covid.

How has Coronavirus impacted our lives?

COVID-19 has certainly impacted a lot of business owners and employees. Some have really embraced working remotely, but some on the otherhand have really struggled to adapt to remote working despite being as flexible as possible and have had to really try to learn how to work from home effectively. 43% of workers claim that they have actaully really enjoyed working from home during the pandemic, however, 35% of workers still worry for their jobs and in some cases employees are happy to consider changing their roles in an effort to get back working remotely on a part time basis.

What are employees dreading the most?

So why wouldn’t employees want to get back to their normal working lives as quickly as possible? Well, 24% of people felt that they were easily distracted by their colleagues, 16% were dreading the return of loud phone calls and incredibly, 15% of workers felt that their working environment wasn’t tidy enough.