Snatch Her Wig

Wigs are everywhere, whether it’s on a famous drag queen or on your favourite YouTuber creating a new make-up look, wigs are often an essential in most celebrity wardrobes too. 

With expectations for new styles and pressure to remain relevant at the top of lots of celeb’s agendas, many turn to wigs to avoid damaging their natural hair. Everyone from Beyoncé to Chrissy Teigen are known to sport wigs in public, and let’s not forget the infamous Kardashian-Jenners who constantly switch up their hairstyles. 

Interest in wigs over the last year has remained at a consistent high – maybe lockdown has inspired us all to take better care of our natural hair?

Search trend in the past year
  With wigs trending on a global scale, there is also interest in the iconic styles of those known to wear wigs.
The Most Searched For Celebrity Wig Styles

The hair queen that is Beyoncé tops the charts, which is no surprise as her hair has been a topic of conversation for many years, with stories about how much it’s insured for causing a stir. Closely followed by Kylie Jenner, this generation’s muse, known for switching up her hair regularly.