5 Marketing Strategies for your Therapy Business

Are you looking for some tips on how to successfully promote your therapy business? Here are 5 strategies to consider when writing your marketing plan.

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Whether you are online savvy or don’t know where to start, the digital marketing channel can be a very efficient way of communicating. It is essential to have an impactful and informative website as this can be one of the best ways of advertising your business.

There are plenty of agencies that will design a website to meet your brief or there are tools available so you can build it yourself, keeping costs down. With social media channels such as Facebook and twitter there are a lot of ways you can reach a targeted audience at a relatively low cost. Often it is trial and error to see the most effective combination for you.

Pros – Relatively low cost and easy to switch ‘on’ or ‘off’ depending on what is working (or not).
Cons – unless you employ someone to manage the digital aspect for your business, you will need to get some basic knowledge and training to make effective use of this channel.


Networking events are a great way of making your business name known amongst fellow business leaders but is unlikely to result in an instant increase in clients. But whether you are starting up a new business or looking to achieve growth for your therapy practice they can be useful for promoting your business as well as learning from others. There is an increasing trend for digital networking events so that you can benefit without even having to leave your practice.

Pros – You can meet fellow business owners, promote your business and share knowledge. They can promote your business and you can promote theirs.
Cons – Typically you pay to attend these events and you are not always likely to get direct business as a result, making it difficult to measure the impact of attending.

Local media

One of the more traditional marketing channels, local media can still have a role to play in advertising your business. Get in touch with your local newspaper or other publications distributed in your area. Many of these have good readership numbers and are placed in doctors surgeries, dental surgeries and libraries meaning that your business name can be seen by a number of prospective clients.

If a publication chooses to feature you, due to an event or offer that you might have, then this can be a cost-effective way of promoting your therapy business.

Pros – There are a range of options available from a small ad to featuring in an editorial piece and, if you select the right publication, you can reach a relevant audience.
Cons – Print ads can be expensive and don’t always offer a high return. Do some research and find out if this channel is right for your business and will generate a return on your advertising spend.


Partnerships can offer a great opportunity to do joint promotions, share advertising costs and reach a new client base. It is important to find someone who complements but does not compete with your own business, so for example nutritionists, physiotherapists, reflexologists etc.

Maybe you could get a few of you to host an event to promote your businesses, chat to potential clients and even give a little taster of the treatments that you offer?

Pros – You can share knowledge, costs and responsibilities.
Cons – There is a risk that your business name and proposition might be lost amongst the other businesses and that a promotion might not be as targeted as you might like.


Whilst much of the world is turning to the digital platforms for a lot of their information there is still a role to be played through having leaflets in the right place.

Some well-placed and informative leaflets located in doctors and dental surgeries, community centres and libraries can reach a different audience. Carry leaflets and business cards with you and have them available at your practice for clients to take with them so that they can recommend you.

Pros – Print is a great way of physically getting information into the hands of potential clients.
Cons – Your message can get swallowed up in the large amount of junk mail that we all deal with every day. Not very environmentally friendly.

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