Top 7 Apps For Event Planners

January 20, 2023

If you’re already working as an event planner or manager, you’ll know that it’s nowhere near as easy as it looks. There are a million and one things to keep track of, and make sure they all happen in the time and place they’re supposed to happen. It only takes one mistake to derail all that hard work – and you’ll often be the person who has to take the blame.

Thankfully, tech solutions such as apps for event planners are here to minimise the risk of that happening. In this blog, we’ll highlight some of the best event planning apps around.

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Why use an event planning app?

Event planning apps come into their own because they can help you bring the vast majority of your functions and to-do lists into one place. From booking catering and arranging table layouts, to coordinating audio-visual systems and organising marketing, they can put all your tasks into the palm of your hand.

Many apps integrate with other platforms and solutions, so work that you do in one will automatically update the other. For example, events you create in some apps can automatically update Facebook or other social media platforms, so that those interested in attending can start to register straight away.

Our favourite apps for event planners

There is a vast range of apps for event planning out there, all of which fill their own specific niches or target market. To help you find one that might suit your own needs, we’ve picked out seven of our favourites:


Asana is used by many businesses to coordinate work tasks and collaboration, but it can be just as useful for event planning, too. You can easily create tasks, assign them to other people, set due dates, then track progress within schedules to keep on top of everything.


If planning large events that require substantial marketing duties, then Bizzabo should be your first port of call. Not only does it incorporate task management to keep everything running smoothly, but there’s also the ability to build registration websites, marketing emails and event agendas, all from one place.


Guest registration and check-in can be a real headache, especially at larger events with lots of attendees. Boomset enables fast check-in processes, the ability to print customised badges and wristbands, and other innovations that makes check-ins easier for you and your guests.


If your top priority is getting information about your event to a wider audience, then Localist can help. It’s a relatively simple events calendar that can be made publicly accessible and interactive, so that anyone can see what’s going on, where and when. Localist also connects to Facebook so that attendees can fit your events in with their own plans.

Planning Pod

Planning Pod is the platform that does a little bit of everything. This includes (and isn’t limited to): managing attendees, scheduling and managing tasks, arranging seating, building registration websites, coordinating budgets, managing guest lists, and much, much more. If you feel that you lose a lot of time navigating different platforms day-to-day, then this might well be the app for you.

Social Tables Check-In

This free app is an excellent replacement for organising guest lists through Excel or on paper. It enables guests to be checked in within a matter of seconds, and seating layouts to be designed in either 2D or 3D, so that every attendee gets a seamless, stress-free experience when they arrive.

Decibel Ultra

One area often overlooked in event planning is sound and noise, especially if there are restrictions on volume in a particular place. This free app is ideal for measuring decibel levels in any given area, to make sure that any music, speeches or performances won’t cause any issues on the day.

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