Best Fundraising Ideas For Sports Clubs

November 2, 2022

Sports clubs play a valuable role in the lives of millions of people all over the country. As well as building friendships and helping their communities, they also encourage people to live more active lifestyles, improving physical and mental health as a result.

Fundraising is a vital part of ensuring that sports clubs can continue to function, thrive and achieve the goals that players and staff alike work so hard for. This guide highlights some of the best fundraising ideas for sports clubs that you may not have considered

Why is fundraising so important?

The vast majority of sports clubs are made up of, and run by, volunteers who do it for the love of their respective sports. This often means that they run on very small budgets, so what may seem like relatively small fundraising efforts – or small, unexpected bills – can have a major impact on their futures.

That’s why it’s so important for sports clubs to leave no stone unturned in exploring ways to make money. Every pound earned could go towards better kit and equipment, paying for team trips and tours across the country and abroad, repaying any debts incurred, or making improvements to pitches and facilities.

Good ideas for fundraising

Of course, there are many fundraising ideas that are part and parcel of running a sports team: pitchside advertising, kit sponsorship, website ad space and programme sales, for example. The following ideas take things a little further and consider fundraising that will produce one-off rather than regular income:

Race and quiz nights

One of the simplest and cheapest events to run is a competition night in your clubhouse, or at whichever pub is your usual meeting point. A race night gives participants the opportunity to ‘bet’ on filmed races and win either cash or spot prizes. Quiz nights, meanwhile, can cost as little as a few pounds to put together, and are especially popular in winter when people are looking for cheap indoor social activities. In either case, you should use some of the takings to provide prizes, and keep the rest as raised funds for your club.

Community activities

Getting involved in events taking place in your local area can get your club’s fundraising in front of a wider audience and build goodwill among residents. Stalls at summer fetes and festivals are good ways of attracting donations and need just a few players or staff to volunteer. As a way of attracting more interest, consider how you can get the public involved in playing your sport, such as a penalty game for football clubs, or a putting challenge for golf clubs.

Participation events

Connected to the previous point, consider holding your own open day, where people of all ages and abilities can come and sample your sport for themselves. It can be daunting for new people to enter a team environment full of existing friendships, so inviting people to events in exchange for a donation can help drum up interest and get you new players. And if you can get local street food vendors, music acts and microbreweries to take part, you might find yourself with your own annual fundraising festival!

Team challenges

Setting your team and coaches a real challenge that puts their minds and bodies to the limit can gain real interest, publicity, and donations from people in your area. This could be something as simple as giving up alcohol or volunteering to pack shopping bags at the local supermarket, or something as grand as running marathons, climbing mountains, or cycling long distances. The only limits are your initial outlay and your ambition!

Grant applications

Remember that raising funds doesn’t have to rely on the charity or interest of the community. Sports clubs are eligible for a wide range of grants, provided by public bodies to encourage healthier lifestyles. Check regularly to see if you’re eligible for the likes of Sport England small grants, the Community Asset Fund, and National Lottery funding.

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