Mediumship Training

March 17, 2023

Mediumship is a unique and rewarding role which offers very different opportunities and experiences. It also provides a very special and valuable service to those who may be struggling with grief and loss by connecting with their loved ones who have passed, and relaying messages to them which can bring comfort, closure, relief and peace.

If you’re interested in becoming a medium, or you have some experience but want to take the leap into making a living from your abilities, then this guide will help you to find out what you’ll need to build a respectable and viable business.

Mediumship training requirements

Although there are no legal requirements for becoming a medium, it does come with a set of roles and responsibilities that should be upheld and given proper consideration if it’s a career you wish to pursue. The best way to develop your medium skills is to invest in a course that will take you through the essential knowledge and practices that should accompany any legitimate, professional medium.

Formal training to become a medium is a relatively new concept. Mediumship itself is centuries old but it’s only more recently that it has started to be recognised as a credible profession. As a result, more courses are becoming available and there are now even some accredited courses out there, meaning you can reassure your prospective clients that you are genuine and that you take your work seriously.

Mediumship training accreditation providers

If you’re looking for official accreditation, then these organisations are good places to start, whether you’re looking for a course yourself or even if you want to become an accredited trainer further down the line:

International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine

This global holistic training provider certification board offers accreditation for individuals and training providers who meet their criteria.

The Spiritual Workers Association

A UK-based guild of spiritual workers and spiritualistic service providers, the SWA aims to promote excellence and improve standards in the field of spiritual work.

The Quality Licence Scheme

This UK-based scheme is part of the Skills and Education Group. They work with training providers to help them develop high-quality courses and/or training programmes for non-regulated markets such as mediumship.

Accredited mediumship training courses

Mediumship and psychic services are finally starting to be recognised as legitimate professions. Although still currently unregulated and no formally recognised qualifications are available, there are places starting to offer accredited courses in these areas, which means you can gain a certain amount of learning-based credits and a certificate. Being able to demonstrate that you have completed an accredited course can be a great selling point to your potential clients.

Mediumship Diploma Course Level 3

This course by Centre of Excellence takes up to 150 hours to complete online. There’s no time limit for completing this course and offers lifetime access. It’s made up of 11 modules and is designed to give you all the information, skills and knowledge about mediumship and spirituality that you’ll need to become a practising medium or psychic medium. The course is suitable for beginners with no prior experience or knowledge.

Psychic Development Accredited Practitioner Diploma

This online course by Gateway Workshops allows you to study in your own time with access to the course for one year. It’s made up of 12 modules with a short test and case study assessment at the end to gain the accreditation. Although this course isn’t specifically aimed at those wanting to become a medium, it does cover all the basics of using energy and psychic abilities in various ways, including communications with spirit, and reading for others.

Specialist mediumship training colleges

You can also explore training opportunities with a college known for quality courses from top experts. Gaining knowledge and insight from well-established and respected mediums and psychics can be a great way to fine-tune and expand your own medium skills even faster.

Leading colleges for mediumship training include the Arthur Findlay College in Essex: training is held at their residential centre and online where students can study a variety of spiritual and psychic disciplines including mediumship. Another option is the College of Psychic Studies in London, which is world-renowned for its courses in consciousness, self development, healing and the psychic arts.

How much does mediumship training cost?

Costs for mediumship training vary by training provider, and whether the course is online or residential. For example, a local or online workshop lasting a couple of hours may only cost between £30-50 but a weekend or full week in a residential setting may cost £300 or more.

However, opting for a recognised qualification doesn’t have to be expensive: for example, the Centre of Excellence is currently offering their Mediumship Diploma Course for £127.

Get your Mediumship Insurance today

Once you’ve gained a good level of mediumship training, you can explore business opportunities as a self-employed medium. There are many options to explore, but whichever you pick, one essential that remains constant is the need for good-quality insurance cover. As well as protecting you and your business from any unforeseen circumstances, it’s another way to reassure your potential clients that you are a serious and legitimate medium which may give you an additional edge over the competition.

At Protectivity, we offer specialist insurance policies for mediums who have obtained an accredited qualification. Our insurance includes Public Liability cover in case of injury or damage to a third party, equipment cover and Professional Indemnity. Our cover is available from just a few pounds a month, and is available through flexible payment plans, so you can get peace of mind for minimal outlay. Take a closer look at our options for mediumship insurance policies here.