Liability cover for gardening clubs

Should you run a gardening club, although the risk is small, taking out a Public Liability insurance policy is recommended.

With this in place you can protect the club’s interests if they were to be sued. With our gardening club insurance in place, you are covered should a member of the public suffer injury or property damage and allege that the club is to blame.

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What insurance do you need?

Gardening may be a low risk activity, but accidents can occur. Whether that is somebody tripping over some equipment that has been left out or if another person’s property is damaged, a claim can come from a variety of areas. Here are three benefits you should consider when buying insurance for a gardening club.

Public Liability

Protecting you for injury caused to a third party or damage caused to their property, Public Liability is the back-bone of many club insurance policies. Should you be blamed, and subsequently sued for injury caused to a member of the public you will be protected. We will take care of the defence costs and handle any settlement of the claim should you be found to have been negligent.

This part of your insurance policy also covers property damage. So if you were to be blamed for damaged caused to a garden, building or equipment owned by a third-party, you would be protected in the same way.

Employers’ Liability

You may not have any members of staff associated with your club, but if you do, then Employers’ Liability is a must.

Having it in place means that, like Public Liability, if you were sued as a result of an injury¬† or damage to someone’s property, you’d be covered. The difference with Employers’ Liability is that it relates to claims brought about the club from those it employs as members of staff.

Equipment Cover

It’s likely that while gardening, you will use a whole host of tools and equipment. We can add protection for these essential items to your policy at your request. Our equipment cover will protect you and your club against loss, theft and damage of the equipment you need to operate.

Flexible payments

We offer multiple payment options at Protectivity, so paying for your insurance policy couldn’t be easier.