5 compound exercises to facilitate all-round gains

With so many different weight exercises and drills it can be tricky to develop a favoured all-round workout. Indeed often it can be tricky to fit in time to focus solely on a muscle set. Therefore concentrating on compound exercises is the perfect way for that rounded session.

Compound exercises hone in on multiple muscle groups to hit multiple body areas in one go. So which ones should you try? We’ve picked out five workouts to facilitate all round gains.

Bent over row

Working your lats, upper arms and deltoid muscles, bent over rows provide a comprehensive barbell routine.

Starting with your legs slightly bent and an overhand grip on the barbell, slightly wider than shoulder width, bend your back to a 45 degree angle. Arch your back slightly and lift the bar up to your upper abs or lower pectorals before slowly moving the weight down again.

Dumbbell lunges

This exercise is a great all-round workout for your legs. Use heavy dumbbells to add tension and improve your grip technique in your lower arms before proceeding to smash out a set of between 8 and 12 reps. Working your glutes, hamstrings and thighs, this is an easy, yet comprehensive drill.


Squat jump into lunge

Use a lighter barbell this time, lifting it from the rack gently onto the back of your neck. With your feet shoulder width apart, jump straight up into the air and land in the squat position. As you complete the squat, flow straight into a lunge on each leg to complete one rep.


Zottman curl

This twist (literally) on a normal bicep curl makes a standard workout one of the simplest must-try compound exercises. Simply begin said bicep curl as normal, then, when fully contract rotate your wrist and forearm. With your palms facing down, lower the weight to give your forearms an equally rigorous toning.

Landmine Thruster

Perhaps one of the most overlooked pieces of equipment, the landmine offers  a wealth of possibilities. Thrusters are one of those compound exercises that works muscles all over your body, though it does focus on your legs, glutes and shoulders.

Start with the bar against your best, move into a squat position and return to a standing position with a bang. Explode upwards, extending your arms forwards at the same time as straightening your legs.

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