How To Start A Mobile Hairdressing Business

Mobile hairdressing has existed as a business for decades but, as with all industries, it has seen many changes.  What does the hairdressing business and specifically the mobile hairdressing business look like today? What are the factors to be considered when setting up a business in 2020 and do mobile hairdressers need insurance?

Setting Prices

When starting any new business, it is important to clarify what services you will be offering and at what price. Do some research on other mobile hairdressing businesses in the area and make sure that your prices are in the same range. Consider the experience that you have and any areas of expertise. For example, a hairdresser who has been in the business for 20 years is likely to be able to charge a higher price than someone who is newly qualified. Consider all your outgoings too, including the products that you will be using and fuel, when setting prices. You can also get a good indication on fees from our blog How Much Does A Barber Earn.

Time Starved Clients

We hear it over and over again, and most of us experience it too. The demands on our time are increasing and as such we often feel like our personal time is being squeezed. With this in mind, any mobile hairdresser who wants to be busy needs to consider offering appointments on days and times to suit the clients. This might mean evening, weekend or lunchtime appointments to fit in with commitments of work or children.

It is also important to manage your own time, and this means ensuring that you allow enough time for each appointment and for travelling in between them. Don’t be tempted to book too many clients in and cause yourself stress. Make sure that you are well prepared with petrol, food and clients phone numbers in case you do get stuck.

Marketing Materials

When setting up a new business it is essential to make yourself known. One of our recent blogs How To Market Your Hairdressing Business To Attract New Clients provides some good tips on that. There are also several low-cost ways of achieving this.


Have a basic website which includes your contact information, details of how to book as well as the services you offer with prices so that potential clients can find the information that they need easily.

  • Facebook

A Facebook page is also a great way of promoting your business within the local area. There are local Facebook groups within most areas which give you the opportunity to post about the services you offer or any promotions that you have and attract new clients.

Online Directories

There are several directories available online for people to find businesses and services within their local area. Identify the best ones in your area and make sure that your business is listed. Make sure that you keep your contact details up to date so that potential new clients can get in touch easily!


Having a supply of leaflets is a great way of getting your business known.  You can leave a supply with other local businesses to help establish yourself within the community.  They should be simple, professional and provide basic information such as business name, contact information and an overview of the services that you offer.

Business Cards

These can be as well as or instead of leaflets as a way of getting your information out into the community. Don’t forget that business cards are smaller and therefore more restrictive on the amount of information that you can include on them. Find whatever works best for you and your business.


Insurance is important for all businesses and so having Hairdressing Insurance in place is essential to protect yourself from the risks that exist. For example, if you accidentally spill hair dye on a client’s carpet then a client can make a claim against you. In this case, Public Liability Insurance will protect you by covering the associated legal and damage costs. You might also want to consider insurance to cover your equipment and products in case they are stolen or damaged whilst you are working.

Customer Database

Getting hold of new clients is one thing; but keeping hold of them is quite another. Repeat clients are more valuable than new clients, who can cost more in terms of effort to attract them. So, it is well worth doing what you can to ensure that you keep hold of clients once you have them.  This can be achieved through providing a great service and good customer care, by offering to book their next appointment before you leave and by keeping in contact.  Once a client has booked their details can be added to a database (an excel spreadsheet will suffice). Be sure to get permission to hold their personal data though and follow the GDPR guidelines. Once you have a database then you can send out emails or newsletters on a regular basis advising of any new products or services that you offer, any promotions that you are running and prompt clients to book an appointment. If you time the distribution of this newsletter right, then you can reach customers at a time when they are most receptive (evenings and lunchtimes work best for those working 9am-5pm for example).

The provisions that any hairdressing business will need to make will very much depend on the demands that the clients make, whether it is value for money, customer service or flexible appointments, the focus of any business should always be on meeting the needs of their customer base.

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