The Best Dog Walking Gear 2022

From hands-free dog leads to LED torches for night-time dog walking, here we round up some of the best, all-weather dog walking gear and accessories for 2022.


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Let’s dive into some of the best dog walking gear and accessories for 2022.

Dog walking coats

A Dog Walker wearing a coat

A waterproof jacket is a must, especially with our unpredictable British weather. Look for a breathable one that has a drawstring hood to stop the wind pulling it off. The hood should also be able to go over any cold weather head gear you may have on.


Easily accessible, deep pockets are also a must (for dog treats, gloves etc.)


Length wise, you may wish to get a shorter jacket for easier movement and wear it with waterproof over-trousers. (Look for ones with elasticated bottoms to keep the rain out and make it easier to put boots on).


Or get a longer version and wear high waterproof boots or wellies. Which leads us on to…

Walking boots or wellies

Dow Walker in wellies

If you are going on muddy, wet, walks with your dog, then make sure you buy boots with stable footing. For example, the Grisport boots from one dog walking equipment provider incorporate a stabilizer into the sole unit. This helps stop your boots from twisting, giving you a more stable walk.

If you opt for wellies instead, do remember that they won’t withstand snow and should be reserved for wet days only! You can get wellies in different calf sizes to ensure you get the best fit.

Gloves, hats and socks

Dog Walker with a hat

With all the following, ideally you will want specialist outdoor items rather than the kind you can buy on the High Street.

Gloves should be waterproof, warm, and comfortable. Choose ones that have a good grip so you can hold on to the dog leads firmly.

Socks wise, go for sweat wicking socks so your feet keep cool on those long doggy walks.

Ditto with hats. Look for well-fitting hats or caps so they don’t blow off in strong winds. They should also be warm and ideally sweat-wicking hats to keep you comfortable. Hats with brims will stop the rain dripping down your face and the back of your neck. Material wise, you may prefer wax caps that can be reproofed. Or look for washable hats.

Layer up

Thin, easy to remove layers of clothes will help you feel comfortable on your dog walks. Bamboo clothing is better than cotton clothing as it wicks away sweat. Cotton clothing tends to ‘hold’ sweat.

Hands-free dog walking

Online you can find a hands-free dog walking accessory that fits around your hips or waist with an adjustable belt. That then clips to your dog’s collar with a bungee type of lead.

The lead also has two handles so you can correct your dog easily. Depending on the brand you buy, some of these hands-free dog walking kits also include an integrated pouch in which to keep dog poop bags etc.

Let there be light

Finally, a small, LED torch will prove invaluable for those early morning or late-night dog walks. There are lots of options available online, many of which are rechargeable and pocket-sized.

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