The top 5 benefits to becoming a personal trainer

Thinking of a change in career? Why not join the thousands of other Brits making a living as a personal trainer? Protectivity Insurance provided insurance for over 7,000 PTs in 2016, and with that number growing again it seems as if the fitness boom is set to continue.

But what are the best things about choosing this career pathway? Luke Hughes, co-founder of health and fitness training and course provider, Origym picked out the top five benefits of becoming a personal trainer.

(Almost) Unlimited Earning Potential

Whether you are offering one-to-one training, boot camps or aerobics classes, you control what you earn. You set your rates that you are happy to charge your clients and if they are fair, those clients will come. If you can take on a larger number of clients at one time, then your earning potential increases.

So, how much can a personal trainer earn? Within reason, the sky is the limit as to what you can make from a career as a PT. Do bear in mind though, it’s about quality not quantity. If you take on so many clients that you can’t offer them an excellent service, numbers will soon drop off.

Flexible Working Hours

Similarly, you can choose when you work as well as how much you earn from it. A personal trainer’s working hours are essentially controlled by yourself. You manage your schedule to coach clients when you want. So whether you are a morning person that specialises in the early morning workouts, a weekend warrior that likes to spend Saturday and Sunday training or a workaholic that doesn’t know when to stop, it’s up to you.

Become Your Own Boss

Controlling your earnings and your hours, you become your own boss as a personal trainer. The benefits to that are vast. You can take your business in the direction you want it to, without the need to cut through endless red tape. Whether you want to try new things or stick to a traditional method of training, it’s entirely up to you. As your own boss you also have the perk that should you wish to take some time off, you can! Just make sure you keep your clients well informed as to your availability in the meantime.

Make a Difference to People’s Lives

Yes they may be your customers, but as a PT you can really connect with your clients. They have placed their trust in you as a personal trainer to help them reach their desired goals.

Be it weight loss or muscle gain, if you can deliver the service they require, it can go a long way to changing someone’s life. The sense of satisfaction when you guide a client to another few kilos off their waist, or a few more added to their dead-lift, is second to none.

True Job Satisfaction

The benefits above all help achieve one thing as a personal trainer – true job satisfaction! It’s easy to see why so many people are turning their hand to a career as a fitness professional. From choosing your own hours to improving someone else’s self esteem, a career as a personal trainer is really second to none.

If you’d like to learn how to begin a career as a PT and discover the courses available to you, check out Origym’s website.

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