Top 5 event manager blogs every organiser should follow

Being a professional event manager is not easy. Whether you are organising a party, a craft fair or an exhibition, there is often so much to do it can be somewhat overwhelming. 

To help you keep up with the demands of the job, we have put together a list of our top 5 favourite event manager blogs. From tips and advice to design inspiration, these 5 event blogs will help you in so many different ways. 

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Protectivity is a specialist in niche commercial, leisure, and lifestyle insurance. We cover thousands of individuals and small to medium size businesses across the UK, offering a range of tailored insurance products, such as Event Insurance, to protect our customers against unforeseen events.

If you are looking for useful information and professional advice directly from experienced event managers, then following Hippo will provide you with exactly that. They are an independent, full-service agency specialising in complete event project management and venue finding.

You can not only find out what projects they have been recently working on, but they also offer some fantastic guidance, knowledge, and inspiration direct from the event management experts. You can get handy tips and ideas on event management, product launch, training, roadshows and team-building event management.

Eventbrite is a global self-service ticketing platform that allows you to manage your event digitally, so you can browse, create, share and promote local events.

Along with their event management services, they host a blog that’s packed with practical information for any event planner. By following them, you will get a little bit of everything – from event industry news and roundups to practical tips on “health and safety” to “how to manage your event budget”.

Want to keep up with what’s happening on the scene of the UK’s biggest events? This one is just for you.

You can also find the latest event management tips, event industry podcasts, event features and guest blogs from event industry professionals.

The widest variety of event news for medium to larger events in the UK such as festivals, concerts, and sporting events. It’s split into five main sections: Brand and Agency News, Conference and Meetings, Event Technology, Exhibitions and Trade Show, Festival and Outdoor News.

EventMB has been acknowledged as the go-to online resource for trends, technology, innovation and education for the event industry. Their content is varied, well-structured and very informative.

You can subscribe to their weekly podcast, where they “cover the latest innovations in event technology, case studies of successful events, new thinking in event design, and exciting destination updates”.

If you decide to follow their blog, you’ll be joining thousands of professionals from around the globe.

Bizbash is a really exciting hub that you cannot afford to miss, as it covers almost everything in the events world.

Being North America’s No.1 news source for event and meeting professionals, not everything is completely relevant for UK event organisers. However, it serves some fresh ideas for event managers and organisers that are still worth learning about. 

In addition to the plethora of useful information, there is the GatherGeeks monthly podcasts which you can listen to for free without prior registration.

From organising small-scale family events to large conferences and festivals, any event can be improved by following the tips from these blogs.

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