Although the risks are relatively low, if you’re a reflexologist it’s always wise to ensure you have comprehensive Reflexology Insurance.

Our product protects practitioners for claims surrounding Public Liability, Professional Indemnity and Professional Liability. That means that should a client suffer an injury whilst in the care of your business and deem you responsible, you are protected.

These claims could come about from something specific to reflexology such as a reaction to an oil used. It could also come as a result of a customer falling over on a slippery floor in your workplace.

With our Reflexology Insurance, you’re protected for the costs associated with defending yourself as well as for any damages that are owed to the claimant.

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What’s included in our reflexology insurance?

  • Public Liability cover

Cover for between £1 million – £10 million for injury or damage to third parties or their property. Includes legal defence costs.

  • Professional Liability cover

Protection up to the same value as your chosen Public Liability cover, for claims relating to physical injury or psychological damage deemed to have been caused by your chosen holistic therapy.

  • Professional Indemnity cover

£500,000 cover as standard for protection against claims arising from not only what you do but also the advice you give. This protection means legal costs are covered if someone decided to sue you due to your negligence.

  • Equipment cover

All of our holistic therapy insurance products include £250 worth of equipment cover as standard, covering you for damage to the tools of your trade. Extra cover up to the value of £5,000 can be added at your request.

  • Optional Personal Accident cover

Covers you should you get injured whilst carrying out the activities for which you are insured.

  • Flexible payment options

Choose to pay for your policy up front, or take out our option to split payment into instalments. We offer an interest-free three or 10 month payment plan.

How are you protected?

Our insurance for reflexologists protects practitioners in a variety of ways.

Public Liability and Professional Liability cover both provide financial protection if you were to be blamed for a physical or even psychological injury or damage to a client or a third party.

Professional Indemnity takes this one step further, covering your defence costs even if you have deemed to have been negligent in your business activities.

Depending on the type of holistic therapy you practice this could be anything from causing an allergic reaction when using oils or injuring a client during a massage.

If someone were to sue your business, your insurance cover means we would take care of the legal fees from defence costs to paying out any related damages.

Our Therapy Insurance product also comes with the added benefit of £250 worth of free equipment cover, working on a like-for-like basis, meaning if your equipment is damaged, we will cover the costs of a replacement to the same standard (up to the level of cover chosen).

Reflexology explained

Reflexology can also be referred to as Zone Therapy and involves pressure being placed on certain areas of a person’s hands, feet, legs and head. Using specific hand and thumb techniques, this complimentary therapy works on the theory that every section of the aforementioned body parts reflects the well-being of another.

Through multiple sessions, reflexologists can aim to appease aches and pains in certain parts of the body.

There are a number of variations and reasons to seek this kind of treatment. Maternity reflexology and reflexology for anxiety are just two of the situations a person may seek this particular service.

Our policy aims to cover reflexologists regardless of their speciality, but if you’re not sure whether you would be covered under our standard policy, just give us a call on 01494 887909 to discuss your business.

Flexible payments

We offer multiple payment options at Protectivity, so paying for your insurance policy couldn’t be easier.