Comprehensive cover for sports massage

Our sports massage insurance offers quick, simple and yet full cover for practitioners operating in the UK.

Whether you offer a mobile massage service or invite your clients into your own premises, Public Liability will cover you if you are sued for injury or damage caused.

Whilst administering deep muscle massage there is always a slight risk of causing injury, even when taking the correct precautions. Should your negligence injure a client, and they opt to sue you, your insurance policy will cover the costs of defending you in court.

Should you be found liable, we will also handle the settlement of the claim and the costs associated with it.

To get your quote for your sports massage insurance, just fill out our quick form and get cover in seconds.

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What’s included in our sports massage insurance?

Cover in instances where you are blamed and sued for injury to a third party or damage to their property. We can provide Public Liability cover ranging from £1m to £10m.

Our Indemnity Match matches your Professional Indemnity to the level of Public Liability you choose. You can therefore have up to £10 million cover for any claims arising from negligence or error in your professional activities. This offers protection if you offer any advice or provide any tuition or instruction to your customers.

Protecting the equipment you need to run your business – our free £250 cover is extremely useful were you to suffer damage to your massage therapy chair or bench for example. You can increase the level of cover of this benefit up to £30,000. Please note, this benefit does not cover any electrical items such as iPads, iPhones, Laptops, Sound Systems, Speaker or similar.

Suffered an injury at work? If you have taken out our optional Personal Accident protection, you may be eligible to claim for a lump sum payout if the injury is deemed serious enough. This benefit also includes cover for death, permanent disablement and dental fees.

You’re covered to practice sports massage anywhere in the UK as standard, although if you wish to extend this coverage to worldwide protection, just select the option during the quote process.

See our FAQs for specialist product information.

How are you protected?

With our policy, you are protected if things go wrong. Whether that is injury to a client, damage to their property or damage to your own, our sports massage insurance ensures you aren’t left to pick up the pieces financially.

Public Liability covers you if your actions are blamed for an injury to a client or member of the public. Professional Indemnity on the other hand, covers the advice you give. Should you be sued, we will handle the costs associated with defending you in court such as solicitors. If you are found negligible, we will also handle the settlement of the claim.

We can also protect you and your property too. Equipment cover will replace or repair your tools of the trade such as massage chairs, tables and benches should they suffer damage or loss.

Optional Personal Accident cover also means that should you suffer an injury in your work, you could be eligible to make a claim for a lump sum payout.

If you are unsure about the cover we offer, please feel free to give us a call on 01494 887909.


We expect all of our sports massage customers to be suitably qualified to provide the service they are insured for. While we do not require proof of your qualifications or sports massage courses you have been on, we may ask to see your qualifications in the result of a claim. If you are unsure whether you qualification is sufficient, then please call us to discuss.

See our FAQs for specialist product information.

Flexible payments

We offer multiple payment options at Protectivity, so paying for your insurance policy couldn’t be easier.