The Baby Therapy Report

When expecting, there are so many factors that run through your head. From the more superficial thoughts like which colour to paint the baby’s nursery and what pram to buy, right through to those deeper questions that every first-time parent debates: how will I know what to do? Am I prepared enough? Have I got everything? What do I need to know? 

With a million things to consider, we wanted to explore where in the UK has the best access to pre and postnatal services to form a collective data source for parents to use. Take a look at the graph below to see which cities rank the highest for their baby services, including therapist services such as baby massage therapy, breastfeeding support and other vital services. 

As you can see above there are many cities with dedicated baby provisions, however, interestingly the top cities for services vs population are those with a smaller number of citizens. These closer-knit communities are providing more services vs the ratio of their residents than some of the big cities. 

Ely comes top with an impressive score of 67.61 with the city’s baby massage services helping it top the charts. The city of Lichfield takes second place with a great score for its NCT classes and breastfeeding support groups, followed closely by the small city of Wells in third, scoring high for its breastfeeding support groups.