Policy Wording and Summary

Policy Summary
Sports League liability wording


Sports League Insurance

Running a sports league is an excellent way of bringing people together, enabling them to enjoy a sport in a competitive environment. However sports leagues involve a number of different people from the players and spectators to match officials, all of whom could potentially suffer an injury. Therefore it's important that as a league organiser you have adequate league insurance in place to protect yourself from claims against the following:-

- Accidental injury to a third party, including spectators
- Injuries to players participating in the league
- Accidental damage to third party property
- Damage to leased, hired or rented premises

Why do I require Insurance?

As well as protecting yourself as a league organiser from 3rd party claims the likelihood is that you will also require some specialist league insurance in order to run the league. This may be because you are using hired or rented facilities and as a result the local authority or facility owners may request proof of insurance before the league can commence. At DareDirect our league insurance package not only allows you to meet the requirements of facility owners but will also protect you against 3rd party claims.


Employers Liability

Sports leagues which employ members of staff, whether on a paid or voluntary basis will also require employer's liability alongside the league insurance cover. Employers Liability insurance enables businesses to meet the costs of damages and legal fees for employees who are injured or ill at work. As a result it is a legal obligation for businesses in the UK who employ staff to have employer's liability insurance to provide cover against a claim by an employee.

Employer's liability insurance will not be required in the instances where league members are working as volunteers or where sub-contractors with their own insurance of at least £2m public liability are used.