How to Verify Business Insurance Coverage

May 4, 2023

Getting insured is one thing – making sure that it’s the right insurance for you, having proof of coverage, and ensuring that third parties you’re working with are also protected is another. Let’s take a look at how to verify business insurance coverage, both for yourself and anyone you might choose to work with.

What is business insurance verification?

Business insurance verification is ensuring that the correct cover is in place before embarking on a project or agreeing to work with another business. If you are in negotiations with another business to carry out some work for them, they might ask you to verify your business insurance coverage to prove that you’re covered against any accidents that might occur. This is their way of protecting themselves and ensuring that the cost of an unfortunate event wouldn’t impact them. They will most likely ask you to provide a COI – a certificate of insurance. Likewise, you might want to see a COI from them.

Verifying your business insurance step by step

Step 1

A third party has requested to see a COI to prove you have the correct protection. Make sure that you confirm with them what coverage they need to see evidence of, in case you need to expand your policy to meet their needs.

Step 2

Contact your insurance company and explain that you need a COI to verify your business insurance. They will provide you with a certificate, which you should then make a copy of for your personal records, before sending it on to whoever has requested it. While you may be charged an admin fee, the certificate itself shouldn’t cost anything.

Step 3

Ensure that the third party you are working with has received all of the proof of insurance that they need, and that you won’t need to provide any further documentation. If they have sent you a COI to verify their own insurance, confirm that you’ve received it.

Step 4

If you have to check over a COI that you have requested, you should confirm that all of the details on the certificate match those that have been communicated to you by the third party you are working with. This includes names, addresses, and registered company names. Even if they were to cancel their policy immediately after providing you with a COI, you can then safely say that at the time an agreement was made, you had evidence that they had all of the coverage that was needed.

Why do you need to verify coverage?

It is important to verify your coverage to ensure that, should something go wrong, you and anyone you’re working with have the right level of protection. When it comes to your business, this might include protecting your property, your premises, and your employees. Verifying coverage in this way minimises any potential risks, and lets you carry out your business more confidently.

When do you need to have insurance verified?

Your insurance should be verified before any work is carried out or events are held pertaining to your business, or that of the third party you are working with. Essentially, you should have verified your insurance before there is a chance for an accident to happen that could result in a claim.

Sometimes obtaining a COI can take a few days, or in the worst case scenario more than a week. This could cause a delay in reaching an agreement with the third party you want to work with, which could hurt your relationship and impact your business prospects. It’s best to be proactive and request a COI – whether from your insurance broker for yourself, or from your third party – as soon as possible.

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