Insurance For 24-Hour Gyms And Why It’s Important

November 17, 2022

As gyms have become more and more popular, so a wider variety of types of gym and business models have emerged. One particular area of growth has been in 24-hour gyms, which are open for members to use at all hours of the day and night, and are normally left unmanned by physical staff during the quietest times (or even all the time).

Not only do 24-hour gyms give members maximum flexibility over when they work out, but the businesses running them also gain through increased member retention without the compromise of increasing staff overheads.

However, running a 24-hour gym is not without its unique set of risks, which is why specific insurance for this type of gym is absolutely essential. In this blog, we’ll highlight why it’s so important, and what you should look for in a good-quality 24-hour gym insurance policy.

Why is specialist 24-hour gym insurance essential?

On top of all the regular risks that come with running a gym, there is an extra layer of hazard to consider when a gym operates 24 hours a day.

In particular, it’s vital that gym users are kept safe and secure when using a facility that isn’t attended by any staff. Appropriate measures such as remote security, CCTV and other rapid response facilities should be in place to help customers should an incident or accident happen.

Insurance makes certain that all parties are covered against financial loss if one of these events occurred and gives staff and customers alike peace of mind. Indeed, you may find that putting quality safety measures in place is a condition of obtaining cover from many reputable insurers.

What does insurance for 24-hour gyms include?

When looking for an all-encompassing 24-hour gym insurance, there are four types of cover you should look out for:

Public Liability

Any gym is vulnerable to its users suffering an injury on the premises or finding that some of their property has been damaged. In some cases, they may blame the gym for their injury or loss and launch a claim against the gym accordingly. Public liability covers any legal fees that your gym may incur defending the claim, and any costs that arise from having to make a settlement. This can prevent your gym facing sudden financial shocks, whether you’re at fault for an incident or not.

Buildings and content cover

Every building is at risk of damage such as fire, flooding, vandalism, burglary and other malicious activities. With 24-hour gyms often open without staff on site, it can be much harder to stop damage or theft taking place inside the gym itself. Buildings and contents cover can mitigate any financial loss incurred by these events, whether they’re internal or external. Good insurers will allow you to vary the level of this cover, depending on the value of your assets.

Business interruption cover

Many of the incidents listed above involve people, buildings or contents can often lead to a gym having to close for a period of time. For a 24-hour gym, this can immediately generate financial losses, whether through lost sales of pay-as-you-go passes, or through monthly fees reimbursed to customers because of the disruption. Business interruption cover makes sure that your company won’t lose out.

Employers’ Liability

The level of employers’ liability needed for a 24-hour gym will vary substantially, depending on the number of staff, type of work they do and the hours they work. Nevertheless, it is a legal requirement to make sure that your business is covered if any employee suffers an accident or injury at work. Employers’ liability insurance covers legal fees and settlement costs for claims involving all employees, whether they’re full-time, part-time or voluntary.

Get 24-hour gym insurance with Protectivity

At Protectivity, we have over 25 years of experience providing gyms all over the UK with comprehensive insurance, and our wide range of policies include specialist cover for gyms that operate on a 24-hour basis.

You can keep your staff, customers and business interests protected with a combination of public liability, employers’ liability, business interruption cover and buildings/contents cover. Available at competitive rates and approved to cover CrossFit, we have the right policy for you at a price that makes financial sense.

Take a look at all of our 24-hour gym insurance policies in more detail.

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