Virtual Fitness Classes – The New Face of Fitness

Are virtual classes the latest fad for fitness fans all over the country? Will this new phenomena transform the face of fitness, paving the way to a new breed of gym bunny, one which can exercise around the clock with 24 hour virtual spin classes?

Whether fad or fixture, we can’t ignore the popularity of the virtual fitness trend – and we certainly can’t deny that it suits our increasingly hectic and virtual own lives. If you’re unable to attend live classes due to time or work pressure, virtual fitness classes could be the solution for you as they cater for those wanting to exercise outside of hours – or at all hours! And whether you’re a fitness fanatic or just a busy individual, we are keen to find out if this method of virtual coaching hallmarks a new era of fitness…

24/7 gyms and virtual classes

We think the modern day member, who leads a busy working life and juggles a range of commitments, looks for a gym and exercise options that work around their lifestyle. The rise of 24 hour gyms – most prominently in the city – do just this, enabling people to get their fitness fix in whenever it suits, and virtual classes will prove an invaluable addition to these 24/7 options.

It certainly isn’t feasible to pay an instructor to put on classes regularly at 2am, but virtual technology permits gyms to timetable a schedule of varied classes during the hours when the rest of the world is asleep – and is ideal for those who work irregular hours, or want to avoid the gym at peak times. Shift workers, students, and insomniacs – virtual classes accommodate gym goers around the clock, and since exercise at night is better than no exercise, this can only be a positive step for the health of the nation.

How do virtual classes work?

Revolutionising the fitness industry, virtual classes allow gyms and health clubs to drastically increase the number of classes on offer during opening hours. They are taught by highly reputable fitness presenters and cover all sorts of class types…whether you’re a circuits champ or a yoga devotee, there will be a virtual class for you!

Each virtual class is delivered via a computer that is integrated with either an audio or video solution, most likely in a studio space. The class will then be projected onto a projector or TV – you are then ready to grab the equipment you need and follow the instructor on the screen. The beauty of virtual classes is that they will go ahead with either one member or 15. This enables those who want to exercise during the early hours of the morning to do so – as long as there is a virtual class timetabled for that time.

If you love live classes, don’t panic! In most gyms, virtual technology is installed to extend the range of classes taken by ‘real’ instructors, as opposed to replacing them. However, we recommend everyone should try a virtual class if they can as they have all the benefits or a ‘real’ class, including working harder, being more motivated, and learning new exercises.

If you’re yet to try a class, don’t hesitate to jump on the bandwagon and see what the hype is about. See how you think the virtual experience fares against the ‘real one’, and let us know your thoughts on whether virtual classes have entered the fitness fray for the short term, or whether they are here to stay?