Protecting the items that make your event tick

Whether you are organising a festival, a fete or a cake sale it’s likely that you will be using some form of equipment to deliver your event.

By taking out Equipment Cover with your Event Insurance policy you can ensure that if these items were damaged, lost or stolen during the course of the event, you don’t suffer the financial loss that could come with it.

So long as the equipment is specifically being used to deliver the event your insurance policy will cover the cost of repairing or replacing items that are lost, stolen or damaged during the set-up of the event or during the event itself.

Items which can be covered include:

 – Installations, decorations, fixtures and fittings

 – Lighting, staging and signage

 – Computers and sound equipment

 – Merchandise, cash and tools

For a full list of what is covered, please see our Policy Wording.

Another added benefit of our Equipment Cover is that if your premises are damaged, your Event Insurance policy will cover the costs of a security guard service to temporarily safeguard the premises in question.

In conclusion, if you are using expensive equipment to deliver your event, make sure you consider the consequences that would follow should your contents be lost or damaged.

Event Insurance - Equipment Cover

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