Can PTs Take A Personal Trainer Refresher Course?

As a personal trainer staying at top of your game in not only what you can do, but what you know, is vital. To be considered a legitimate fitness instructor you will need qualifications, but is there a need for more personal trainer refresher course options?

The fitness industry is constantly evolving, with new workouts, training methods and standards. And as a professional in that business, you need to keep on track.

A client can only reach their goals in the most efficient way if their trainer has harnessed the learnings of others in the same space. By teaching themselves, personal trainers can often develop better ways to teach others.

So how can trainers do that?

For many insurance companies, you cannot be covered unless you have achieved a Level 3 Personal Trainer qualification. However, once you reach that level, formal qualification opportunities somewhat dry up.

Personal Trainer Refresher CourseUnless you have yet to reach Level 3 (and therefore want to move up to it), specific personal trainer refresher courses are hard to come by. Instead personal trainers can pick a specific route they wish to go down with their training.

These CPD qualifications can be looked upon as a Level 4 achievement, providing individuals with an extra string to their bow when it comes to marketing to potential clients.

Specific training courses on subjects such as the Obesity and Diabetes Certificate and the Strength and Conditioning Certificate can help professionals looking to go down a certain path in the industry.

It also marks you down as an expert in that particular field. By standing out above the rest when it comes to qualifications, you could easily attract more clients.

But it’s not just formal qualifications that can help. By simply ensuring that you are constantly learning and staying up to date with the latest trends in the industry, personal trainers can develop their programmes to a higher standard and in keeping with the ‘in’ workouts of the time.

Ways of learning

The most obvious, and simple, way to learn is by talking to people. They can be clients, friends or even other personal trainers. Share experiences and find out about what others are doing and consider whether you could work it into your routine.

Secondly, read, read and read some more. There are a huge number of great blogs with personal training and fitness information that even the most experienced PTs could benefit from. From specific pages on weight loss or building muscle to more general sites, online is a great way to stay current.

Finally, while personal training may not be the most obvious profession to attend conferences for, it could really help. There are a number of expos for both fitness fanatics and professionals alike to choose from. Body Power focuses mainly on strength and conditioning and has seen huge growth year-on-year, giving it a massive stage to fill at Birmingham’s NEC Arena. Elsewhere the International Fitness Showcase demonstrates a great mixture of theory and practical learnings to help professionals develop their skills.

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