Crystal Healing With Reiki

March 30, 2023

In the same way that reiki is energy, crystals also emit energies – but why would you use crystals when giving reiki to a client? It’s because crystals are naturally formed in the Earth and vibrate at different frequencies, depending on their geological make up.

If you hold a crystal in your hand, you may feel a tingle or similar sensation which will differ from one crystal to another, and it’s these frequencies or vibrations that help to hone in to elements of our own energy. That’s why different crystals can help with different aspects that we may need help with. Using crystals can enhance the reiki and even target more substantial blockages in your client’s energy field. You could also stock crystals that you can infuse with reiki and recommend them to your clients as an upselling opportunity.

This guide covers all the basics around crystal healing with reiki.

How to pick the right crystals

Each crystal has its own set of ailments and circumstances it can help with. Broadly speaking, the colour of the crystal relates to the chakra it helps with, which is a good initial indicator when making your choice. If you feel you need to make more specific choices, then you may find looking at books or courses on crystals useful.

You don’t need to know every crystal and their uses to begin using them: with reiki, using your intuition is usually the best way to be guided when picking which crystals that client needs. As long as your intention is for the highest good of your client, you’ll be on the right track.

Best crystals for reiki healing

Make sure that you do proper research when buying crystals to make sure that they are ethically and responsibly sourced, and also of high quality. Reiki is a practice based on the highest good for all, so investing in such crystals is to remain true to these principles. We recommend the following as the best choices for reiki crystal healing:

Clear quartz

If you only start with one crystal, start with this one. As a master crystal, it can be used in place of all others and it can amplify the effects of the other crystals when used together. 


Another good crystal to start with is amethyst, as it’s a useful all-rounder but especially good for opening up the crown and third-eye chakras. It increases intuition, calms the mind and is known for its calming properties.

Red jasper

This crystal is associated with the root chakra and is a great way to help with grounding clients at the end of a session.

Rose quartz/Jade

For gentle healing and opening up the heart chakra, these two can work to soften the heart and bring love (including self-love) for the client.

Smokey quartz

Mostly used for transmuting energy from negative into positive, smokey quartz is a great crystal to wear while conducting your reiki sessions.


Selenite is a really effective crystal to clean the aura/energy field at the end of a session for client and practitioner and for charging the other crystals.

How to use crystals for reiki healing

How you use crystals during your sessions will depend on your preference and also how you are guided to use them if using your intuition.

Common methods include wearing crystal jewellery as a practitioner to shield yourself from your client’s energies and to keep yourself grounded, or chakra balancing by placing a corresponding crystal on each chakra for all or part of the session while you continue to send reiki. You could also consider making crystal grids under or around the reiki bed to amplify the energy, and cleansing the auras or energy fields of yourself and your client at the end of each session.

Once you’ve decided which crystal you are going to use, either place it directly on top of your client’s body (with permission) or nearby – for example, underneath the reiki bed or to the side of them. You can also hold the crystal in your hand, using it as a lens to send the reiki through.

How to clean and charge the crystals?

Crystals will accumulate energy as well as giving off their own, so it’s important to cleanse them between clients and charge them regularly to keep them working efficiently. There are several ways you can do this:


Placing your crystals close to a piece of selenite for a few hours or overnight will cleanse and charge them. You can do this by buying selenite plates and bowls to put your crystals in.


You can place some (but not all) crystals in fresh water or salt water to charge them, especially during a full moon. Make sure to check that your crystals are safe to put in water – as an example of what can go wrong, selenite should never be allowed to get wet or it will dissolve.


Using the smoke from herbs such as sage, thyme, rosemary or lavender like an incense, you can cleanse the crystals by passing them through the smoke.


Holding the crystals in your hands and sending them reiki can charge them with new energy, and you can set intentions for their next use.


Putting your crystals in the ground lets the Earth cleanse and charge them. As with using water, you’ll need to check which crystals are safe for this method, as some won’t be suitable.

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