How to market a dog walking business

August 17, 2022

Do you love dogs? Then a dog walking business could allow you to run a business doing something you truly love. As with any enterprise, success is likely to lie in its marketing. So, here’s a few tips and suggestions about how to market a dog walking business.

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As with any other business, there are risks – in the case of dog walking, the main risks are that an animal in your care gets injured, lost, or even killed. You may also face claims from a member of the public, if a dog in your care injures them or their dog. You might even lose the keys to your clients house and need to get the locks changed as a result. Our specialist Dog Walking Insurance can safely cover each of these risks.

Publish your website

It’s practically impossible for any business to thrive without a website – so it’s well worth devoting the time and resources to building and publishing a website that best markets your dog walking business.

Invest in the software

Along with your website, remember that there is a wide range of software to assist in just about every aspect of running your business – and, in this case, software designed to capture and manage your bookings will prove a real boon.

For example, Pet Sitter Plus is an online scheduling and invoicing software system designed specifically for dog walking businesses. Time To Pet is another specifically designed software system for dog walkers (and pet sitters) including real-time updates and in-app messaging.


Make the most of social media

Your customers are almost certain to be using some of the many social media platforms – so why not join the conversation and seize the opportunity to market your dog walking business along the way?

When promoting your business, demonstrate your professionalism by making sure your customers know you are fully certified and insured. Engage with posts to show that you are knowledgeable and helpful – and always keep it professional.

Blog it

Combine your following on social media with a blog on your website. A focused and carefully crafted blog can play a crucial role in marketing your business – so spend the time, imagination, and creativity writing an engaging and regular blog.

Use your blog to answer your customers’ questions – or those you wish they’d asked – and to emphasise the benefits and advantages of the dog walking services you offer.

Post reviews (get the reviewer’s permission first) and photos (again, get permission from the dog’s owner to use any images).

Promotional materials

Today, it might be tempting to concentrate so much on electronic media that you overlook good old-fashioned marketing through hard copies of marketing and promotional materials – such as leaflets, flyers, and business cards.

You don’t need to stop there but could also give promotional handouts such as toys for prospective customers’ dogs.

Claim your business page

Many of your prospective customers will be turning to online listings from local businesses to find dog walking services in your area. So, make sure you’re included on as many of those listings sites as possible – many of them will offer a free listing for your business page, so claim it.


Keep a keen eye open for any opportunity to partner with existing businesses and organisations in your area. These might include contacts with your local animal shelter, pet shops, dog food and accessories suppliers, or organisations offering pet therapy to local care homes, hospitals, and hospices.


Your start-up costs for a dog walking business are likely to be minimal. (You may wish to read our How to start a dog walking business blog for more information). However, you can splash out on marketing the enterprise so that you are making the most of your presence in the market, capturing vital clientele, and growing your business to that all-important profitable bottom line.

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