What Is The Average Salary For A Personal Trainer?

The amount that a Personal Trainer will earn depend on a few factors including how many hours you work, your level of qualification and experience, location and any specialist disciplines. Typically, you can expect to earn from £20 to £100 per hour for an elite Personal Trainer.

There are two ways of working as a Personal Trainer. Either you can become an employee of a gym which gives you the financial security of knowing that you have a regular income coming in, or you can become a freelance Personal Trainer which although might have a greater potential to earn, means that you need to source and retain clients yourself.

If you are employed within a gym then you could expect your starting salary to be around £16k. However, if you are self employed then your potential to earn is greater, anywhere from £20k – £40k. The average salary of a Personal Trainer is dependent on a number of factors.

Hours of work

If you work as a Personal Trainer at a gym, then your hours are likely to be set in your contract.

When freelancing, the hours that you work very much depend on what works for you and your clients. You might find that your key hours of work might be evenings and weekends if your clients are working 9am-5.30pm, 5 days a week. You might then be able to accommodate other clients throughout the day.

Level of qualification

Average Salary - Personal Trainer CourseThere are colleges nationwide offering courses to become a Personal Trainer with different levels of qualification.

A Level 2 qualification is easier and faster to achieve and will enable you to become a Fitness Instructor. A Level 3 qualification gets you to a Personal Trainer level and enables to charge more per hour.

You can then work towards further qualifications in specialisms such as sports nutrition to boost your knowledge and your earnings.


As with most skills, the more experience that you have, the better the service that you can offer and therefore the more that you can charge.

Try and build up a portfolio of experience across a range of different skills and disciplines and ask clients to provide testimonials.


Average Salary - Personal Trainer LondonYou might find that if you are a Personal Trainer in a city (London for example) that you are able to charge a higher hourly rate than those in other parts of the country.

Before setting your hourly rate, you should do your research and see what other Personal Trainers in the area charge so that you are in line with them. It is also worth considering that other costs in a city might be higher such as your overhead costs, rent etc.

Specialist disciplines

If you can get a qualification in a specialist discipline, then you can position yourself as an expert in this field and therefore charge a premium.

For example, if you are qualified in weight loss management or sports nutrition then clients who are looking for this as an additional service to their personal training programme are likely to pay an additional cost also. Speak to your local college to find out what courses they can offer to complement the service that you provide to your clients.


If you work with celebrities and become a name within the fitness industry, then you can look to boost your earnings further still. Promotion through social media networks such as Facebook and Instagram can attract more clients willing to pay a premium for a celebrity Personal Trainer!

So, do some research about potential earnings and the average salary you could make when considering these factors and set your own pricing structure taking these key areas into account.

Your potential to earn is often dependent on how much you are willing to invest in the role as a Personal Trainer in terms of time and qualifications gained. 

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