What To Consider When Selling At A Christmas Market

Craft Fairs are very popular at Christmas as the trend for unique and homemade presents continues to grow. Christmas Craft Fairs can be a great place to pick up a gift for someone special but also have a lovely festive atmosphere in the run up to Christmas.

If you are planning to sell your products at a Christmas Market, then what should you consider?

1. Products

Selling At A Christmas Market - DecorationsMake sure that you put some time into planning your stall and consider which products will work best at a Christmas market (flip flops and summer hats are unlikely to be a popular choice for example).

Think about what items will be best sellers at a Christmas market.

You might want to avoid too many bespoke Christmas items as often these are less appealing to customers than products that can be used all year round.

You also don’t want to be left with unsold stock that cannot be used until next Christmas!

2. Budget

Make sure that you review your finances. Look at the cost of hiring your stall at the fair and then consider your outgoings. Unless you already have them, you are likely to want to buy some festive props to help make your stall as eye catching as possible.

It is easy to get carried away at Christmas and so set a budget for your props and decorations and then make sure that you stick to it. If you can reuse props every year, this will obviously be a much more cost-efficient solution!

3. Theme

Selling At A Christmas Market - ThemeFind out if the fair already has a theme planned. If they don’t then identify a theme for your products.

It might be that you focus on colours, e.g Red and Gold, or you might have a range of products around the theme of Christmas trees.

Once you have a theme in place this will not only help with the overall appearance of your stall but will also help to guide you in the props that you buy.

If you need a power supply at your stall for any Christmas lights for example, then make sure you contact the organisers of the event in plenty of time to arrange this.

4. Insurance

Some fairs will require you to hold Public Liability as standard practice and upon booking your stall, you may well be asked to provide a copy of your certificate. Protectivity’s Stallholder Insurance protects you if a third party makes a claim against you for injury or damage for which you are found to be responsible for.

Consider also getting insurance cover for your products and equipment in case they get damaged whilst at the Christmas Market.

5. Festive Details

Selling At A Christmas Market - Minced PiesConsider some extra details to help potential customers get into the festive spirit and help your stall to stand out.

So, you might want to offer free festive biscuits or minced pies at your stall as a way of attracting potential customers to stop and browse your products.

Consider who is attending the event – you might find that parents at a school Christmas Fair are not impressed if you are handing out sweets to all of the children for example.

So, for your next Christmas Fair, be sure to plan your stall in terms of its appearance and the products that you sell. Make sure that you have all of the necessary insurance cover in place and then just enjoy the event and get into the Christmas spirit!

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