Comprehensive cover for cycling events

Regardless of whether you are organising a competitive cycling race or a more relaxed route, it is vital to protect yourself from Public Liability claims.

A rider could suffer injuries if they were to crash during the race and cite a failure on the organisers to provide a safe environment to ride. Or a member of the public could be hurt should that cyclist then crash into them because of the lack of barriers in place. In either of these situations, having suitable cycling event insurance in place will protect you from having to pay out a large amount of compensation.

To get a quote to cover your cycling event, just click the link below and fill in the short form. We’ll aim to have a price back to you within two working hours. You can then look forward to your race safe in the knowledge that you are covered.


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What’s covered

Cycling events differ in their needs, but the cover we can provide will protect a whole host of races and rides. The following aspects make up the back-bone of our event policies:

Public Liability: Included as standard on all policies, this will cover you if a rider or member of the public were to get injured or suffer property damage. If this were to happen and your event was deemed to be at fault, we would handle the solicitors, the costs of defending you in court, and if you were found negligent – any settlement that is necessary.

Employers’ Liability: If you employ any staff, paid or voluntary, it is a legal requirement to take out Employers’ Liability. This will cover you as the event organiser if one of your staff was injured whilst working on your event. Like Public Liability cover, we’d take care of the defence costs and the settlement of the claim.

Sports Equipment cover: If you have specific equipment that you need to operate your event we can provide cover for it. Should it be damaged before or during the race, or is stolen, we will cover the costs of replacing it.

Set-up/down cover: We appreciate that some events need a bit of time to set-up and prepare. That’s why we are able to extend your coverage to provide Public Liability cover for the period immediately before the event or for a period of time following the conclusion of the event.

We’re experts in the sports and leisure insurance industry and can provide you with comprehensive cover for your event. To get a cycling event insurance quote, just click the link above.

Flexible payments

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