We are not currently able to offer insurance to exhibitors. Please check back later as this may change in the future, or see our Stallholder Insurance page for the types of event stallholders we can cover.

When exhibiting at events its important to be protected if things go wrong. A suitable public liability policy would give you that protection against a potentially costly claim.

As an exhibitor, if someone was injured because you had failed to secure your stand, or one of your displays collapsed you could be liable for compensation.

Many annual policies will include both Public Liability as well as providing you with the option to include Employers’ Liability if you have any staff, as well as Equipment Cover for the items you use.

Whether you are an exhibitor at a trade show or a conference event, it is important that you secure the protection that is right for you.

What insurance do exhibitors need?

If you have a stand at a conference, trade show or exhibition you will need to protect your self with Exhibitors Insurance. Here’s what you should be looking out for.

Public Liability

This will protect you if someone was to be injured or suffer property damage and claim that it was your actions as an exhibitor that caused it. Should that individual choose to sue you, Public Liability cover will ensure that the costs associated with defending yourself, as well as any final settlement are covered by your insurance.

Equipment Cover

You will likely have a range of equipment that you use to exhibit, from the stand itself to the items you are actually showing to event visitors. Many insurance policies will allow you to protect these items against loss, theft or damage. Just be sure to know exactly what is covered, and in what scenarios as there can often be exclusions applied.

Employers' Liability

If you have any staff members that help you with exhibiting, whether they are paid or not, Employers’ Liability is a must. This will protect you should a staff member blame you for an accidental injury they suffer. Like Public Liability you’ll be covered for your defence costs and any settlement.

Added Extras

All policies will be different, so when you are shopping for your Exhibitors Insurance, keep an eye out for bonus extras. This could be an attractive payment terms, free cover for certain aspects, or it may be that your chosen provider is an expert in the field, which will provide you with that extra peace of mind.

I was impressed how fast and efficiently my claim was handled. It was clear how to make my claim and the process was straightforward. Overall, very pleased.

Fantastic claims handling

It’s never nice having to make an insurance claim as it means something has gone whilst you’ve been selling or exhibiting. At Protectivity, we like to make it easy for our customers to make a claim.

Our specialist handlers aim to deal with claims in the most efficient and sympathetic manner to ensure stallholders can continue running their stall without distractions.

Further information on our policies

If you have any questions, then feel free to get in touch with our friendly team on 01494 887909. Our phone lines are open 9am to 5:30pm, Monday to Friday.