We are not currently able to offer insurance to performers. Please check back later as this may change in the future, or see our Stallholder Insurance page for the types of event stallholders we can cover.

Before performing at your next gig or fulfilling that booking you have to play at an event, performers, bands and DJs should ensure they have adequate Public Liability insurance in place first.

This cover will protect performers should something go wrong, before, during or after their set. Should their negligence be blamed for an injury to a third party or damage to their property, having cover in place helps.

While Public Liability cover forms the backbone of any insurance policy for performers, you should also consider other benefits regularly available, such as Employer’s Liability and Equipment Cover.

So, before your next event, ensure that you take out a Performers Insurance policy that will protect you if things go wrong on stage. It only takes a few minutes and could save you thousands.

What insurance do performers need?

If you’re a musician, part of a band or providing any other sort of performance at an event, it is likely that you will need insurance. Here are the aspects you should always consider.

Public Liability

Whether it’s a visitor to the event tripping on a microphone cable, or a falling amplifier injuring someone, Public Liability is imperative for performers. In such a situation, this cover will ensure that the costs of defending yourself against a claim, as well as any settlement, should you be found to be negligent, will be handled by your insurance policy.

Equipment Cover

From your guitars to your drum kit, to the cases you carry them in, it is likely that you will want to protect any equipment you own. Look for an insurance policy that provides Equipment Cover so you can perform at your events knowing that you’re protected if your instruments or other items of your kit are lost, stolen or damaged.

I was impressed how fast and efficiently my claim was handled. It was clear how to make my claim and the process was straightforward. Overall, very pleased.

Fantastic claims handling

As a performer, it’s not nice having to make an insurance claim with uncertainty of how it will affect you financially. 

At Protectivity, we’re proud to deal with specialist claims handlers who ensure claims are dealt with in the most efficient and sympathetic manner. Take a look at our process and some of our claims testimonials by clicking the button below.

Further information on our policies

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