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Regardless of your work place, ensuring your staff can work in a safe environment is your duty. However, sometimes even after taking all necessary precautions things can, and do, go wrong.

By having Employers’ Liability included on any event insurance policy, an organiser can rest assured that if something were to happen to one of their employees, volunteers or stewards, they would be exempt from the financial implications.

The main scenario that events need to protect themselves against is injury to a member of staff. Should that staff member deem the injury to be the fault of the event, and therefore their employer, they may take legal action. In an environment of ‘no-win no-fee’ lawyers, it’s becoming more and more likely that an individual may try to sue.

With Employers’ Liability in place the costs associated with defending the event (and it’s organiser) against the claim, and any subsequent payout will be taken care of by the insurance policy.

One Off Event Insurance Employers Liability

Employers' Liability is not a choice

If you are employing staff, whether they are paid or volunteers, you must take out Employers’ Liability insurance. This is a legal responsibility that you must adhere to. The only exemption is if those staff members are sub-contractors who hold their own Public Liability cover.

If you employ anyone to help run your event it is your obligation to provide a safe working environment.

By taking out a One Off Event Insurance, Multi Event Insurance or Stallholder Insurance policy with Protectivity, you can add Employers’ Liability to your policy if required, giving you the protection you need.

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