Professional Indemnity for Therapists

Professional Indemnity cover makes up a big part of any Therapist Insurance policy. This benefit will ensure that your professional actions are protected from severe financial consequences if you were to be sued.

As well as including coverage for the same scenarios as Professional Liability, such as a treatment causing an injury to a client, Professional Indemnity protects a business in a wide range of situations.

These include things not specifically related to therapy, such as:

Copyright Infringement: If your business is sued for using another businesses registered trademark or material, Professional Indemnity cover would mean all of the costs of defending your business are taken care of.

Registered Design Infringement: If you create a product that is already features a registered design, the original creator could take legal action. You are protected for the ensuing costs with Professional Indemnity.

Deformation, Slander & Libel: If any of your marketing material or other collateral shared a therapist made reference to another business or individual and was deemed to be defamatory, legal action could be taken. Having Professional Indemnity on your policy will ensure you are also protected for this.

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How does Professional Indemnity work?

If legal action was taken against your therapy business, there is a good chance that you would be liable for sizeable costs if found to be in the wrong. However, this is only the case without Professional Indemnity cover.

Firstly, with a suitable Therapist Insurance policy in place, the legal costs associated with defending you and your business will be handled by your insurance provider.

If you were found to be at fault, it could be expected that you pay a settlement amount. However, with Professional Indemnity in place this expense will be handled by your insurance providers.

As a therapy professional it is paramount that you take out a suitable Professional Indemnity cover on your insurance policy to cover your business interests.

Further information on our policy

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