Cover for therapy practitioners

As someone providing professional services obtaining therapy insurance is of utmost importance for practitioners who specialise in massage therapy, reiki, aromatherapy and a whole host of other treatments.

The cost of insurance for therapists is in fact a very small percentage of the money there is to be made as a therapist.

Protectivity’s Therapist Insurance product starts at just £45.70 for annual cover, with options to spread this out over 11 months. With a 20 per-cent deposit paid up front, therapists can get covered for as little as £3.65 a month for the rest of the year.

When considering the starting price for many therapy treatments is around £50 an hour, this outlay pales into insignificance.

The cost of insurance

If we take the rough starting price of £50 per session as a starting point, and imagine the average therapists works five days a week, holding four sessions a day, a weekly income of £1,000 can be achieved.

Multiply that by four to give an approximate monthly income of at least £4,000 a month and the £3.65 a month for insurance looks tiny.

In fact, the cost of therapy insurance could make up just 0.7% of a therapists today income in any given month. Another way to look at it is just over three-and-a-half minutes of treatment provided will earn a therapist enough money for their insurance payment.


Why do therapists need insurance?

The specific reasons that could inform why a therapist needs to take out insurance vary depending on the service offered. However, the principles are often the same.

Public Liability cover will protect therapists if they were to cause an injury to a third party whilst treating them, or if they damaged that third-party’s property. In either case, if that person chose to blame the therapist, legal action could follow. With insurance in place, a therapist is protected against the costs associated with defending themselves.

Other benefits can be included on Protectivity’s Therapy Insurance policy such as equipment and personal accident cover. Both of these will protect a therapist against financial loss for a variety of situations.

With potential financial losses sometimes reaching thousands of pounds, the outlay of as little as £3.65 a month is clearly worth it.

Further information on our policy

If you have any other questions regarding our Therapy Insurance policy, then feel free to get in touch with our friendly team on 01494 887909. Our phone lines are open 9am to 5:30pm, Monday to Friday. 

More information on what we can cover on this policy can be found on our FAQs page.