How to Successfully Market Your Pet Business

In the thriving pet care business community, standing out from the crowd is imperative. Competing with long established businesses may seem daunting, but effective marketing of your business can really pay off. Why not try the following marketing strategies to help boost your pet business?

Be social

Social media is one of the easiest ways to market yourself, and it’s completely free! Create a business account on popular sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You can maximise your online presence by posting regularly with varied content. For example, post photos or videos of the animals in your care, whether they are participating in a particular activity or just out for a walk.

Post about what you’re doing that day and encourage customers to get involved – pet owners may be at work but they’ll love to see what their dog is up to during the day.

Modernise your website

Your website is a hugely valuable asset to your business as it represents you online. Customers can find out all about you and your business so you need to make a good impression. Having a clean and modern website can be advantageous over long established businesses whose websites may be slightly neglected. Make sure visitors can easily find out about your business, for example about your team and your prices, and ensure your contact details are prominently displayed.

To help rank above your competitors, you might like to attach a blog to your website. This will allow you to produce original and helpful content, establishing you as an expert in your field. Tailor your content specifically for your customer audience to generate interest from readers and potential customers.

Community advertising

If your business takes you out and about in the local area, why not advertise with branding. This may be a van with your company logo on the side or even branded jumpers for your staff. If they are out walking dogs, having your company name visible will attract the attention of potential customers.

It is also beneficial to attend any community events to promote your business. You could have a stand or display with information about your business and even give out promotional items. Stand out by hiring the cutest puppies you can find – these may be customers’ pets or even from a local sanctuary. Having this pull will attract people to your stand and allow them to interact while you can advocate your services.

Be professional

While promoting a friendly and caring persona, it is important to ensure customers feel reassured when leaving their pets in your responsibility; your business’ professionalism is key to supporting this.

The professional side of your business can be measured by whether or not you have comprehensive pet business insurance that covers third party liability and relevant qualifications, such as canine and feline first aid training and certification, among others.

Display these details on your website and any other promotional materials to demonstrate your experience.

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