Which Treatments Does Holistic Therapy Insurance Cover?

As a therapist it is important to understand what your therapy insurance policy covers. As well as including a range of differing benefits most policies will include coverage for a large number of therapy treatments.

These activities stretch far and wide and aim to deal with client’s issues and grievances with a variety of different techniques.

At Protectivity, our Therapist Insurance policy can provide cover for over 250 different treatments. These can generally be grouped together by treatment types, to best illustrate the cover we can provide.

Here are just some of the treatment types available with our cover:

Massage therapy

The most common type of massage practised by the therapists that we cover, with a wide range of varieties in itself. From Thai Massage to No Hands Massage, we can provide cover for massage therapists providing dozens of different services.

Each policy provides public liability cover in case of injury caused to a client, perhaps through a over-zealous massage or due to a negative reaction to the oils you choose to use.

Yoga therapy

Yoga TherapyThe popularity of yoga in this country is growing. One source estimated that up to 460,000 people participate in the exercise on a regular basis in the UK, and it appears that the power of yoga is now being embraced by therapists.

Using yoga to help alleviate aches, pains and other ailments, yoga therapy practitioners are becoming commonplace.

Variants covered under Protectivity’s Therapy Insurance product include laughter yoga, baby yoga and Thai yoga, as well as the more traditional method.

Spiritual therapy

A huge group of therapy practices, therapists that focus on the spiritual side of things make up a large portion of Protectivity customers. Activities that fall into this therapy type include angel card reading, mediumship and treatment using chakra healing stones.

Under our policy, we provide cover for professional indemnity. This would protect a therapist should any of the advice they give lead to a client suffering an injury to themselves.


CounsellingWhen we say the word ‘therapy’, counselling may be the immediate practice that springs to mind. Talking through our problems is something that is being encouraged more and more prominently in everyday life, and those who provide these services should ensure they have adequate cover.

A range of different counselling techniques such as addiction counselling and psycho-therapeutic counselling can be covered by our counsellor insurance policy.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)

Another therapy type that is more focused on mental health is cognitive behavioural therapy. Like counselling, CBT can be implemented to help clients deal with a huge range of stresses in their day-to-day lives, through a variety of techniques and therapy treatments.

Activities such as mindfulness therapy, stress management and smoking cessation can all be covered under Protectivity’s Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.

Art therapy

Art TherapyThe use of art therapy is another way that could help their clients. Implementing art based activities in a therapeutic environment, art therapists provide a safe space for individuals to express their problems and stresses in the form of art.

Other arts that can be used in a therapy environment include dance therapy and play therapy which helps people to express themselves in a way that helps their mental well-being.

With over 250 individual therapy treatments covered under Protectivity’s policy we haven’t listed them all in this blog. To see if your speciality can be covered, just visit our Therapy Insurance page and input your technique into the quote box. If we can cover the activity, we will provide you with an instant price.

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