Why therapy practitioners need public liability cover

Whether you are a reiki master, massage therapist or a psychic medium, as a therapist having public liability insurance is very important. This cover will protect your business and yourself if you were to cause accidental injury to a member of the public or any other third party. It would also cover you if you were to damage their property, regardless of whether they were a client of yours.

So how does this affect a holistic or complementary therapist? There are a number scenarios where you could find yourself relying on your public liability cover, for example:

  • You are treating a client and your massage bench collapses, causing injury to that client
  • You are working in a client’s home and you knock an expensive family heirloom off a shelf, causing it to break
  • You spill massage oils onto a client’s carpets causing a large amount of staining and damage

In any of these situations, the third party could choose to pursue you for the costs associated with repairing the damage or to compensate them for the injuries they have suffered.

Therapist stretching clients legs

How does public liability protect you?

If you were put in the situation where you were being blamed for injury or damage to a third-party’s property, Public liability insurance will reduce the financial implications that you as a therapist will face.

Firstly, with a suitable Therapist Insurance policy in place, the legal costs associated with defending you and your business will be handled by your insurance provider.

If you were found to be at fault, it could be expected that you pay a settlement amount. However, with public liability cover in place this cost will be handled by your insurance, minus any excesses that you are required to pay.

As a therapy professional it is paramount that you take out a suitable public liability insurance policy to cover your businesses interests.

Further information on our policy

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