Your guide to Professional Liability

Professional Liability, or Medical Malpractice cover, as it is sometimes known should be a prerequisite for any therapist taking out insurance.

It is designed to cover you and your business in case your treatments were deemed to have caused injury, illness or distress to one of your clients. Should that client choose to sue your therapy business, having Professional Liability in place will ensure you don’t face serious financial consequences.

Some of the more likely reasons a therapist would need to claim under their Professional Liability cover are:

    • A reflexologist uses oils or creams on a client, which then causes an allergic reaction, which means the client is unable to work
    • During a hot stone massage a therapist uses stones that are heated to too high a temperature, causing burns to their client
    • A massage therapist is treating a client for back issues, but through negligence causes further injury through their treatment.

Even with all precautions taken care of, things can and do go wrong. By taking out a Therapist Insurance policy with included Professional Liability or Medical Malpractice you can protect your interests.

Hot Stone Massage

What happens if someone sues you?

If a client deems you to have caused a further injury through your treatment, there is a chance that they could take legal action. In a no-win-no-fee society, there is a chance that they could pursue some sort of compensation.

With Professional Liability in place, your insurance policy will ensure you are not responsible for those costs.

Your insurance provider would handle the legal costs associated with defending your business, and pay out any necessary settlement at the end of the process.

The only thing that you or your business would be liable for is the excess amount on your policy. However this is a small price to pay compared to the thousands of pounds you could lose without insurance in place.

Further information on our policy

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